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4 Reasons Moms Need Time Away From the Kids

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Mothers selflessly devote themselves to their children,  forsaking sleep, name brand clothing, and luxe travel in exchange for sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and an immense love that she’d never trade for the world. As a dedicated woman who wants only the best for her kids, it’s only fitting that a mom forgoes her own needs to ensure those of her children are met, but this may not always be the healthiest way to live life. 

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Kids Can be a Handful

You love your kids. In fact, you’d fight the devil himself if he stood in the way of protecting your child.

But, the real truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is that kids can sometimes be annoying (ever heard of the term brat) and you need time away to recollect your thoughts and de-stress.

And mom, after hearing little Timmy scream non-stop for 2-hours as he flailed his body in seal-like fashion across the kitchen floor all because he couldn’t watch Bob the Builder for the 58th time, you deserve a pat on the back and a chance to recover!

Spend Time With Friends

Remember the girls, the ladies who you couldn’t spend enough time with pre-mommyhood?

Yes, those girls!

They’d love to rekindle those old days and share a kid-free night enjoying life with you.

You’ll feel great as you get all dolled up to experience a fun night on the town and enjoy adult time and adult conversation with your girls!

The possibilities of girls-night-out experiences are endless! 

Too Much of Anything is Bad

Spending time with the people we love is our favorite hobby, but it is important to realize that time apart is a necessity for any thriving relationship, including those with the kids.

You won’t appreciate one another if you spend 24/7 together.

Time apart helps your kids learn how to interact with other people without your presence and you learn that there is still a grown-up inside you somewhere.

And, each of you will grow more fond of another and appreciate one another more.

Discover Yourself

Being a mother is the absolute best honor any woman could hold, but it is important to identify as ‘mom’ and as yourself.

When you’re always mom, it leaves little time to enjoy life and the experiences most important to you, and honestly, leading this type of lifestyle gets boring fairly quickly.

There is a world of fun out there beyond Chuck E. Cheese and the skating rink (though we’ll never deny the immense fun you have and these locations at any age) and it is time to discover what makes you happy!

The Bottom Line

Being a mother is awesome and all, but you can be a mother and be a real person, too.

It is important that you remember this and that you take time away from motherhood to enjoy life without kids.

There is so much out there waiting to explore.

You’ll appreciate being a mother so much more when you take this much needed time to yourself.

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