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4 Last-Minute Dinner Fixes That Mix MacGyver with Mario Batali

Uncover Thanksgiving kitchen wizardry with The Daily Meal’s Emergency Toolbox – cooking hacks, inventive solutions, and more! 

The Daily Meal’s Emergency Thanksgiving Toolbox

Are you in a culinary pinch this Thanksgiving? Look no further than The Daily Meal’s Emergency Thanksgiving Toolbox. This treasure trove of culinary wisdom is your ultimate resource for all things food and drinks. Whether you’re missing a potato masher or a lemon zester, fear not! The Daily Meal’s brilliant team has combined the culinary prowess of Mario Batali with the resourcefulness of MacGyver to bring you a collection of makeshift, meal-saving tools that you can easily find around your house.

No Need to Panic

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time, but with The Daily Meal’s Emergency Thanksgiving Toolbox, you’ll have everything you need to conquer any culinary challenge that comes your way.

Let’s dive deeper into what this toolbox has to offer:

  • No Gravy Separator a Watering Can: The mechanics behind a gravy separator allow the turkey juices to be separated from the fat—which accumulates at the top of the container—so that you can pour the juice through the spout at the base of the container. A small watering can do the same thing because of the positioning of the spout. If your watering can’s spout starts near the middle of the container, cover the top with plastic wrap and duct tape and then invert the can.
  • No Peeler à Single Blade Razor: If you find yourself without a peeler on Thanksgiving Day, head to your bathroom cabinet. A single-blade razor (unused, disposable ones preferred) will work wonders as a makeshift peeler. A paring knife or new pumice stone will also do the trick for thinner-skinned vegetables like potatoes or carrots.
  • No Roasting Rack à Cake Pan: In place of a roasting rack, fashion a cake pan upside down (the shallower it is, the better) at the bottom of your roasting pan and place the turkey on top. This will keep the turkey elevated so the bottom stays golden and crispy. Just be extra cautious when placing the turkey in the oven.
  • No Pastry Brush à Unused Toothbrush: A pastry brush can coat uncooked crusts and pastries with butter before baking. However, you can also use an unused toothbrush or paper towel instead to achieve the same results.

What’s Inside:

  1. Creative Substitutions: Discover clever alternatives to traditional kitchen tools, like using a fork as a potato masher or a cheese grater as a lemon zester.
  2. Time-Saving Tips: Get expert advice on how to save time and make your Thanksgiving meal preparation more efficient.
  3. Ingredients Hacks: Learn about smart ingredient swaps and substitutions in case you’re missing a key component for your recipes.
  4. Kitchen Gadgets Galore: Explore a list of common household items that can be repurposed as cooking tools, from a wine bottle as a rolling pin to a glass as a cookie cutter.
  5. The History of Ingenuity: Delve into the creative history of making do with what’s on hand, a tradition that goes back generations.
  6. Serving Up Solutions: Find out how to serve your delicious Thanksgiving meal, even if you’re missing some of the usual serving platters and utensils.

Expert Tips:

  • Keep a well-stocked pantry with versatile ingredients to ensure you’re always prepared for culinary emergencies.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to kitchen tools and substitutions.
  • Double-check your kitchen for these makeshift tools before running to the store; you might be surprised at what you can find.

Storage and Leftovers:

  • Store your makeshift tools in a designated kitchen drawer or container for future use.
  • Thanksgiving leftovers? We’ve got tips and recipes to make the most of them, from turkey sandwiches to hearty soups.


  1. Can I really use a fork as a potato masher? Absolutely! A fork’s tines work surprisingly well for mashing potatoes.
  2. What if I don’t have a lemon zester? Try using the fine side of a cheese grater to zest your lemons.
  3. How can I save time while cooking a Thanksgiving feast? Plan your menu in advance and prep ingredients ahead of time to streamline the cooking process.

Known Alternate Names:

  • Thanksgiving Kitchen Hacks
  • MacGyver’s Thanksgiving Tools
  • Emergency Thanksgiving Culinary Solutions

The Daily Meal’s Emergency Thanksgiving Toolbox is your secret weapon for a stress-free, resourceful Thanksgiving feast. With this culinary toolkit at your disposal, you’ll tackle any kitchen challenge with ease and creativity.

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