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3 Top Reasons Why Children Need to Play with Creative Toys

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When adults look at children playing with toys, they tend to think it looks easy to spend all day playing. Yet, even the most exciting toys provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn and develop their skills. Toys are the perfect learning tools, and the best part is that children enjoy playing. However, many parents find it hard to know which toys they should give their children to stimulate their curiosity and encourage growth and development. While toys should always be selected to fit the age of a child, most safe toys will offer multiple benefits for children of all ages. Here are the top three reasons why your children benefit from having educational toys.

Toys encourage sensory development

From the moment they are born, babies use their senses to explore the world around them. Each new picture, song and taste provides new information that they use to build their understanding. This natural curiosity is stimulated by providing your baby with safe toys that engage their senses, such as the Nanoblocks Australia loves. These tactile blocks are a safe toy that your child can even put in their mouth as they play. Although Nanoblocks may look simple, they offer many ways for a baby or small child to use their creativity during their play time.

Toys foster imagination and develop creativity

Although technology is wonderful, there are many drawbacks that sometimes outweigh the benefits. One of the greatest drawbacks of technology is that it often discourages children from using their imagination when everything is presented to them on a screen. When you give your children toys, such as your childhood favourites, you can encourage them to use their imagination while teaching them to think independently. It is important to keep in mind that your children have no ideas about the types of technology that are available to them unless you introduce it. You can delay this ialong with the overstimulation that comes with too much screen time and instead offer them toys.

Toys help children develop their personal interests

As children grow, they will begin to develop their own preferences and interests. You can choose toys that will nurture these new discoveries so that they begin to develop their identity. Creative toys, such as Maileg rabbits in Australia, offer fun ways to honour your child’s interests. An example of this is the Maileg Ballerina Bunny which develops your child’s interest in dance.

There is no denying that toys are fun. Yet, it’s also important to remember that the right toys provide endless opportunities for your child to learn and develop their creativity. Because it comes down to choosing the right toys, parents in Australia trust the Three Cheeky Monkeys to provide the safest, most educational toys. Check out their selection of stimulating toys at

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