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3 Tips on How Grounding and Mindfulness Can Help Navigate the “New Normal”

Our day-to-day lives are filled with stress, whether scheduled, work, or our family. We are also learning in 2021 to adapt to society’s “new normal.”

, grounding expert and energy medicine specialist highlights how this “new normal” is impacting our overall mind-body-soul wellbeing in monumental ways:

As we arrive individually and collectively into a new normal, our mental resilience is waning, and many of us are feeling mentally unmoored and ungrounded. We are in a cycle of restoration and renewal as we create new fixtures of mental resilience,” says Amelia Vogler. 

This new cycle can feel daunting and overwhelming at times… impacting our mental and physical health in ways we never imagined. However, there are simple, natural ways to help restore and improve your mental, physical and spiritual health during this time, says Amelia:

Mindfulness, or the practice of watching your thoughts or feelings without judgment, creates the awareness needed to enact meaningful change in your life.  Grounding practices seed empowerment, stability and give you access to additional creativity and inspiration.  When practiced together, mindfulness allows you to identify what needs shifting, and grounding provides the power and perspective needed to see these changes through in your life.

man practicing mindfulness

Here are Amelia’s top 3 mindfulness tips to help improve mental wellbeing amidst this “new normal”:

TIP #1:Follow your breath to the present moment

When we are mentally burdened or overwhelmed, our minds can race, and our thoughts flow in an ungrounded and uncontrolled manner. This is your mind trying desperately to create solutions. When you notice that the speed of your mind is starting to increase, take a moment and place your palms on your chest and breathe. As you breathe, follow your attention to the rise and fall of your chest under the presence of your familiar breath. With these intentional breaths and your refocused attention, allow the speed of your mind to slow until you feel one with the present moment naturally. In the present moment, you are most safe, secure and available for creative problem solving to flow through you.

TIP #2: Laugh

I know a very dumb joke that makes me smile every time. If that doesn’t do it, I think about that time that I walked right into a metal pole in NYC! Oh my goodness, I had about ten people ask me if I was okay! Queue up a picture, joke, or memory that elicits humor and laughter. (Or, think of me running into that BIG pole!)  Laughter is strong medicine for shifting worry to joy and keeping you connected to happiness as a foundation for creating the new.

TIP #3: Be Compassionate to Yourself

You can’t change what you can’t see; but, as you mindfully scan and reflect on your life, do so with kindness and compassion. Borrow your best friend’s perspective, and invoke their gentle and loving perspective… you will be able to bring more self-love to your practice of mindful awareness, and it will be easier for you not to judge yourself so harshly.

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