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3 Reasons Why You May Need Teeth Extraction impressions are the last ones; oral health is very important if you want to leave a good impression on the other person. When we meet someone new, naturally, our first glance falls on that person’s face and all its features. Teeth are one of the first things anyone sees, so if they are not in the nicest condition, they can cause bad breath, low confidence, and other personal anxieties. That’s why if you need help with your teeth, schedule an appointment with the dentist.

Our ancestors didn’t have the tools to look after their teeth, so most of them suffered from dental disease, but as science progressed, people became more aware and conscious about their oral health.

Since it’s become part of our lifestyle to maintain our teeth’ health monthly, places like Oasis Orthodontics have made those trips a lot easier and painless for many.

In some cases, a tooth extraction is necessary so that other teeth don’t get affected by the bad one; it’s painful but necessary.

dentist performing teeth extraction on patient

Troublesome Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the hindmost molars that grow in adult life, usually between 18 and 24 years. 

These teeth can cause a lot of pain when they start sprouting out, and if they come out crooked or not in a natural shape, they will most definitely cause excruciating pain.

Dentists worldwide suggest removing these teeth if they cause chronic pain or compromise natural teeth’ positioning.

These teeth were a natural evolution for our ancestors, but they are seen as more of a nuisance than a blessing in today’s world.

If they don’t sprout completely, come out crooked, or are just causing you pain, a visit to your local dental clinic will always result in extraction.

Tooth Decay and Cavities

Healthline explains Tooth decay and cavities are very serious problems for young and old ones alike. It’s not age-restricted and can happen to the healthiest of people as well.

It usually occurs by taking in too much protein or a carbohydrates-rich diet, having a sweet tooth, or simply not taking necessary care of your teeth.

If not given proper attention, it can lead to cancer or other serious mouth illnesses.

A dentist will try and recover the damaged tooth either by medicines or by filling in the cavities.

But if a tooth is beyond any repairs and it’s useless to fill up those cavities, the dentist has no other option but to remove them.

This is a painful procedure but one that will ensure that you don’t get any future oral diseases. 

Extra Teeth and Other damages

The human mouth is built to hold 28 teeth and four wisdom teeth at max, but some people develop extra teeth either through genetics or irrespective of it. (Learn about hyperdontia on Healthline).

It can cause serious pain and might also result in crooked teeth, which will injure the gums and cause bleeding.

So a dentist will always suggest extraction of these extra teeth; this will make sure the health of the gums and other teeth and prevent any future discomfort.

Many people are afraid of visiting a dentist, but they do not realize that delaying an appointment may make things even worse.

Book your dentist’s appointment today to get a complete picture of your teeth.


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