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10 Ways to Make Your Home Luxurious

Want to give your home that luxury feels but not sure if your budget will stretch? Unsure of what flooring, decor, and styling to implement to get the look you are after? If the answer to these questions is yes, then worry not, as we have ten great ways in which you can add a natural touch of class to your home.

Luxury doesn’t always have to cost the Earth; it can very often be achieved with simple and effective style changes in the home.

If you are up for dazzling your guests with some luxurious touches, here are 10 for you to think about using to make your home more luxurious.

Fresh Flowers 

fresh flowers 10 Ways to Make Your Home LuxuriousCredit: Wikipedia

Let’s start with simplicity; fresh flowers are the ultimate touch you can add to your home to boost that luxury feel inside. Naturally, buying flowers all of the time will run you quite a bill, so it makes more sense to buy them ahead of visitors arriving. One bunch won’t cut it if you really want the luxury feel, so instead, try to buy several bouquets and place them around the home. You can use dried or false flowers if you so wish, but fresh always looks best. 

Crown Molding

crown molding 10 Ways to Make Your Home LuxuriousCredit: Creative Commons

Crown molding is the bridge between the top of the interior wall and the ceiling, the likes which you may have seen in fancy hotels or grand halls. Adding this into the house’s rooms will ensure that you get a traditionally elegant aspect of the room, which screams luxury.


flooring 10 Ways to Make Your Home LuxuriousCredit: Wikimedia Commons

When the time comes to re-decorate and add new flooring to the home, it is worth investing whatever you have into the highest quality flooring you can afford. The reason for this is that the flooring will last longer and require less attention. Investing in flooring also means that you will be able to get some beautiful real wood, or real wood-look flooring, which will add to the luxury feel inside the room.

Big Art 

big artCredit: Wikipedia

Large canvasses of the artwork appear extremely expensive, and they also decorate a wall in a unique and classy way. The print itself doesn’t have to set you back very much money, and as long as you invest well in a large, stylish frame, you can ensure that you are buying something which will seriously up the luxury stakes in the home.


chandeliersCredit: Creative Commons

There is no light fitting that offers as much class as a chandelier does, which will instantly bring class and elegance into the home. The best part is that chandeliers are not as expensive as they may appear.  They certainly can if you invest in the real thing with high-quality glass, but you can pick up chandeliers that cost far less, use slightly different materials, but still look of extremely high quality.

Going for Gold

going for gold 10 Ways to Make Your Home LuxuriousCredit: Wikimedia Commons

A great hack to add more luxury to your household is getting the gold spray paint out. Gold spray paint can be used to re-up vases, mirror frames, chair legs, or even a shelving unit. Gold paint is the perfect cheap and effective way to really boost the levels of luxury in the rooms around the home.


simplicityCredit: Creative Commons

According to Telegraph, adding more luxury to the home is not always about putting more things in it; it can often be about taking things out. Luxury does not come in the form of a cluttered home or a room that is not spacious owing to the level of furniture. Think about using the space smartly, and don’t be afraid to strip some of the items out of each room if you want to give it a more luxurious feel.


touches 10 Ways to Make Your Home LuxuriousCredit: Wikipedia

Much of achieving that luxury look is in the smallest of details, and these are the areas in which you should start looking to improve. Think about areas such as coffee tables, bookshelves, and console tables, places where you can add some simple design touches. Use these areas for classy antiques, candlestick holders, or other vignettes that scream style and class.

Ceiling Medallion

ceiling medallionCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Traditionally a ceiling medallion was used to draw attention to the light fitting, but they are actually stunning in their own right. Ceiling medallions don’t have to cost a great amount of money, and if you are lucky, you may find one at a flea market or a thrift shop. Install a ceiling medallion, and it will be sure to add an exquisite and luxurious feel to the room.

Easy Threes

easy threesy   Credit: Wikimedia

A straightforward hack that can boost the overall luxury look that you are going for is to stick to putting things in 3s. The idea is that things that come in threes look far more appealing and classy than 1,2, or 4, which is most certainly true when it comes to decorating. Groups of three antiques, photos, cushions, and other items in the home, make the design far more satisfying to the eye.

How about using a trio of mirrors to open a room? Buying from an Etsy seller like this can be a cost-effective way of making a room seem more significant than it really is.

Why not try some of these out and see if you can’t turn your home into a luxury haven?


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