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10 Non-Diamond Rings to Gift Your Loved One

It really began to seem like a diamond was forever.

Ever since a popular ad campaign in the 1940s, diamonds have been the gemstone of choice.

These stones are no doubt the feature in your great-grandmother’s engagement ring. A small luxurious splurge for couples at the turn of the Great Depression.

It’s taken generations, but today, diamonds are losing popularity among young adults for the first time.

The millennial generation got down on one knee and opened a ring box filled with color, according to CNBC.

Young adults today are looking to change the story on marriage, engagement, and love. A new look at love deserves a new symbol—and it comes in screaming color.

The younger generation is also deeply concerned about the environment—and certain colorful gemstones provide more control over how and where the stones are mined.

Maybe you’ve already gifted your significant other a diamond and are looking for something new. Or maybe you’re new to fine jewelry and hoping to be part of the colorful revolution.

Here are 10 non-diamond gift ideas for your loved one.

1)   Birthstone Jewelry

Let’s talk about birthstones. Not only are they not diamonds, but they actually come with quite a bit of… magic.

Birthstones are connected to the star signs.

By choosing a birthstone to feature in a special piece of jewelry, you’re connecting with your inner-self. Check out this birthstone chart on gem society to see if you or your spouse vibe with the color assigned to their birth date.

You can’t go wrong with a birthstone piece. Necklaces, watch bands, signet rings, and engagement rings are all great pieces to feature these stones!

2)   A Pearl Bracelet

Pearl jewelry is a great option for the sentimental shopper. Though they never reached the popularity of diamonds, pearls have been around for centuries.

These ocean stones have inspired fairy tales and stories about finding thousand-year-old treasures in the sea.

Today, there are more options for pearl jewelry designs than ever before. If you’d like to connect with your grandmother without investing in diamonds, consider a pearl bracelet to give to your loved one.

pearl bracelet in box


3)   An Emerald Watch Band

Emeralds—the jewel of Kings, according to—may be the perfect gift for your spouse. This deep green stone represents fertility and wealth and has been used to protect against infectious diseases. The stone has been worn by historical figures like Cleopatra. 

Emeralds have been used by jewelers as a means to rest their eyes. After a busy day of jewel cutting and polishing, they may stare at an emerald sitting on their desk.

Does this actually work? That’s for you to find out.

Purchase an emerald watch band for him—to help his eyes refocus at the office. 

4)   A Signet Ring for Your Family’s Legacy

Keep your family’s legacy alive with a signet ring.

Once used by kings to seal documents, a signet ring today is used to represent your family line and ancestry.

Many American families today come from immigrant lineage—ancestors who sacrificed everything for a better life in the States.

Sometimes, this family heritage is lost in the shuffle of name changes and marriages.

With a signet ring, you can design your own family crest and keep your past and future ancestry alive.

Or, you can let go of a difficult family past and choose to begin your own new line and traditions.

Consider featuring a ruby or emerald in a signet ring for him.

5)   Stackable Rings

Maybe you’ve heard of the anniversary bangle bracelets.

For each year of marriage, you and your spouse add a new golden bangle to your wrists.

Stackable engagement and wedding rings are the same idea.

Traditionally, the first ring is gifted at engagement, a second ring is added on your wedding day, and future rings can be purchased for special anniversaries.

These rings are meant to complement each other—meaning the focal point doesn’t have to be a fancy stone.

With three or more rings, the fashion possibilities are endless.

The bands can be set with a few small gemstones, or the rings can be purchased with different gold filigrees.

6)   A Vintage Jewelry Ring

It’s possible to keep romantic traditions alive without jeopardizing the environment.

A vintage ring is usually characterized by a larger gold band, filigree, and unique ring styles like the halo or solitaire.

Vintage necklaces, men’s rings, and watch bands are also fantastic gift options.

Browse Pinterest for lots of vintage jewelry ideas, or you can peek inside your grandmother’s jewelry box.

Both of these places offer a treasure trove of creative ideas— just replace the featured diamond with a more meaningful stone.

7)   A Sentimental Necklace

Your relationship is unique to you and your partner.

You have inside jokes, you finish each other’s sentences.

You really have become two in one.

A sentimental jewelry piece incorporates special moments or memories into the jewelry.

You can engrave a date or quote into the jewelry or include stones with a special meaning to your partner. 

Consider everything you love about your partner.

That’s where you should start when purchasing a sentimental necklace.

8)   A Three-Stone Engagement Ring

A break in tradition deserves a unique ring choice.

We love the three-stone engagement ring for men and women.

As its name implies, it features three precious or semi-precious stones as the focal point of the ring.

You don’t have to throw out every notion of diamonds for this design.

We recommend a ruby or emerald as the largest center gem with natural or lab-created diamonds on the side for extra sparkle.

9)   A Minimalist Solitaire Ring

Minimalism is on the rise. With it, comes a revival of the classic solitaire ring. 

Solitaire is a style of ring characterized by having just one stone as the focal point.

Usually, it’s set in a yellow or white gold band. Or choose rose gold to stand out!

If you’re not going to buy a diamond as the stone of choice for your solitaire ring, you may be able to purchase a larger precious or semi-precious stone for the same price.

10) A Royalty-Inspired Engagement Ring

One of the main reasons emeralds and sapphires are gaining traction in the fine jewelry industry is because of the royal family.

Browse any online photos of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, or Meghan Markle and you’ll see an endless selection of colorful gemstones featured in their necklaces, earrings, and tiaras.

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring began a resurgence of sapphire and halo ring purchases in 2010—and it hasn’t slowed down!

royal inspired ring

Begin Your Own Tradition

Colorful gemstones symbolize the beginning of a new era in fine jewelry.

This could mean anything for you and your partner.

However, you choose to start fresh, remember:

There will always be more anniversaries and more colorful stones to add to future pieces.

Go with your gut and choose something you know he or she will adore.

Haven’t found anything that catches your eye like a diamond?

Today, there are numerous options for buying synthetic diamonds.

They’re more budget and environmentally friendly than the classic diamond.

For more ideas on buying earth-friendly jewelry, read our post on eco-friendly jewelry metals.


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