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10 Greatest Beach Activities to Do as a Family

Taking a trip to somewhere outside your area can be exciting, but it’s not necessary in order to have a fun time. If you have a beach that’s local to you, this is a wonderful outing for your family. Here are ten activities that you can only do at the beach or that are more enjoyable when you do them there. And it doesn’t all have to include being in the water. If you’ve given your kids swimming lessons from an early age and released their inner water baby, of course, they’ll want to splash, but a lot is happening on the shore as well.

Make a Huge Sand Castle

You can gather your family around to make a large sandcastle. This also is fun when you get new friends you met at the beach involved in making it. You can bring some natural objects with you from your home, including flowers, sticks, pine cones, etc. They are ideal for adding on as decorations. Use buckets, shovels, and different animal shape toys to build and customize an epic castle!

Sand castle with a flag on the sea shore.

Go Out Kayaking

If the surf isn’t too dangerous the day you visit the beach and there’s a spot in the water that’s designated for kayaking, this can be a challenging yet unique way to see the sights. You can take younger kids out on a tandem kayak, so you’re able to be in it and teach them how to paddle it for when they get older. There are also pedal kayaks, which use the legs instead of the arms, making for a fun ride.

Try Body Boarding

This is a top-notch alternative to surfing that you can have your kids start with in smaller waves that are safe for young ones. You take a foam board and run into the waves, then ride back with your belly on the board as you catch the waves. This is an exhilarating activity. And once you’re done with this exercise, you’ll be ready for the next idea on the list.

Have a Picnic Lunch

You may be somewhere there are beach kiosks or food trucks parked beside the beach. This is a good option, but you also might bring your own picnic. Use old-fashioned baskets that contain drinks, sandwiches, snacks, and even dessert. Everyone can prepare or pack one of their favorites to make it extra special.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Children of all ages like to do scavenger hunts. You can look up scavenger hunts online, especially those that are explicitly geared towards finding natural items on the beach. Otherwise, you can make up your own with items you know will be easy to find, as well as a few that you bring along to hide among your belongings.

Play Some Beach Games

One of the best beach games to play is tic-tac-toe. Use some seashells, pebbles, or something else entirely. This is a traditional game with which you can’t go wrong since many younger children can even participate.

Fly Kites

Are you going to be at the beach on a breezy day that’s not too hot? If so, it’s a good time to bring along a kite or a few. Younger kids will need help with this, but older children who know how to do this already or can learn quickly should have their own. The wind does most of the work for you, but it also helps you get in some exercise.

Crafting with Shells

Wouldn’t you like to do something to commemorate your day at the beach? Bring home seashells that you like in order to make frames, decorated items to put on shelves, wind chimes, and more. You might also take some craft supplies with you to work on these or items you can incorporate shells into your home. They also are good to give as gifts.

Play Sports

Several types of sports are ideal on the beach. This includes a casual or competitive game of frisbee. You can stay entertained for an hour or more with a frisbee, a classic game. Disc golf is a similar sport that is becoming more popular.

Volleyball is another popular beach sport. Some beaches already have nets in place for people to play volleyball; you just need to have your own ball. Even if you do need to bring your own net or net with poles, this can be worth it if you have them in your backyard.

Go Camping

Some beaches allow visitors to camp on them. You can bring a tent to place in a designated area (which is a good idea even if you’re not staying overnight, for a few reasons). Just make sure it’s a sturdy tent with working zippers or other types of closures. Bring along a cooler for your food and drinks, and make sure you know where the restrooms and other facilities are located.


Going to the beach as a family can be quite an adventure. You can strengthen your family bonds and make fond memories that last as kids grow and have physical keepsakes you can bring home. If you haven’t done many of these, it’s worthwhile to give them all a try.



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