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10 Christmas Gifts for Your College Student

As your children get older and go away to school, finding the right gift for that student can become a frustrating affair. With Christmas on its way, you are likely already racking your brains for the perfect gifts for your kids. To aid you in this quest I have composed a list of 10 Christmas gifts perfect for your college student.  

10 Christmas Gifts for Your College Student

Brita Filter Pitcher

Drinking a lot of water regularly is important, especially for growing teenagers.

As I’ve discussed before, drinking water promotes clean skin, increases brain power, provides energy, flushes out toxins, and helps us remain healthy.

When your college student is living in a dorm, they are forced to drink from the tap, the water fountain, or bottled water.

A Brita water filter gives them clean and good tasting water—the health they need.

A Laptop

These days, a laptop is a basic necessity for any college student.

These computers give them the ability to do homework, conduct research, write papers, surf the web, stay in touch with family and friends, and a whole host of other tasks.

Look into the best 2 in 1 laptops for that perfect machine for your college students.

A Yeti Cooler

Yeti makes the very best cooler on the market, perfect for camping, BBQing, tailgating, and a host of other activities.

These coolers are nearly indestructible, and permafrost insulated. These features ensure that whatever is stored in there stays safe and cold.  

A Vacation

Traveling with the family brings you closer together.

A great gift might be to take your college student on a trip to a place they always wanted to go to.

There are so many places to go and sites to see, both domestic and abroad.

These experiences can be educational, relaxing, or eye-opening.

Are there places your teenager has always wanted to go?

Maybe, now that they are adults, it’s time to take that trip.  

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers make for fantastic gifts.

These portable speakers let your kids bring the party with them.

Whether they are hiking, studying, tailgating, or hanging with friends, a Bluetooth speaker is perfect for just about any occasion.

S’well Water Bottle

College students are constantly on the go, and they need their beverage containers to be portable.

S’well water bottle has become the go-to in beverage carrying devices.

These water bottles are sturdy, eco-friendly, keep drinks hot or cold, and come in a variety of sizes and hand-painted designs.

Recently, they have added a fantastic cocktail kit for those college students above the age of 21.  

A Camera

Creating photo walls has been a blessing in my family’s life.

If you have a college student who is interested in photography, a camera could be a perfect gift for the aspiring young shutterbug.

Photography is a useful skill to develop; one that could turn into a career or side gig. I know many college students who paid their way through school by getting into wedding photography.

There are a variety of excellent cameras on the market for reasonable prices.

Wireless Headphones

Give your college student the gift of wireless headphones.

These powerful, noise-canceling headphones are phenomenal for relaxation, studying, travel, working out, and a variety of other activities.

Compared to standard iPhone earbuds, these headphones deliver high-quality music right to your college student’s ears.

A Netflix Account

I’m a huge Netflix fan.

They produce so many great shows and movies and are expected to continue investing billions in making even better content.

Consider getting your college student a subscription to Netflix.

Be careful though!

Their grades might take an abrupt turn for the worse because of all the addicting shows just waiting to be binged.

A Gaming Console

Most college-aged boys would be ecstatic about receiving a new gaming console.

Even those that already have one would likely be happy to have another since each of these systems has exclusive games and features.

Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch all offer fantastic gaming bundles that your college student will be sure to love.


Splurging on your college student’s Christmas gift is an enormously rewarding experience, making something funny or a memory from My Personalised Clothing always shows you care.

Even if these ten ideas.

Reminding them of how much you miss them is a gift in itself!


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