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10 Must Have Apps for New Moms

Load your phone with the most important apps well ahead of the birth! Once the baby has arrived, you can make the first time together smoother by using smart apps. There are so many cool applications meant to help and entertain you. As you pace the floor late at night with a baby that will only stay calm upright, a good game will be just what you need to get through the hours with your sanity intact.

mom's hand holding baby feet

  1. A great game app

Games make us happy and they take our minds off other things, says Life Hack. Get into cube crush or some other game that you can manage with one hand while you are nursing or burping baby. With a game on your phone, you will never be bored or feel that it is difficult to stay up all alone while the rest of the family snoozes.

  1. Keep in touch apps

Share new developments and your thoughts with friends and family using Whatsapp or another keep in touch apps. Use sound, text, movies, and pictures to express how you feel and let them know when you need a real visit!

  1. Picture apps

Your phone is basically a professional camera suggests Bustle. Make sure to capture those precious moments. Use an app that will make it easier for you to handle all the pictures you will take. Don’t forget to print some for the wall!

  1. Movie apps

If you don’t feel like engaging in a game, you can watch a movie! Get a good movie app and load the entertainment for those quite nursing moments when you start to feel a bit bored and lonely.

  1. Weather app

Should you and baby head out? Check the weather report using your weather app. Dress baby and yourself appropriately for the occasion!

mom in white holding up baby at beach

Is it warm enough for a day at the beach?

  1. Credit Card app

You are shopping more than usual when you need stuff for the little one. Get an app to keep track of your credit card and your current status so that you will stay within your budget.

  1. Schedule and reminders

Don’t forget…fill in the space. You can use a good app for reminders when your brain is a bit foggy from the pregnancy, birth, and late-night nursing.

  1. Baby development app

Keep track of baby’s development and learn more about what should happen in the upcoming weeks. A baby development app is fun and can also give you tips on how to speed up your baby’s motor skills.

  1. Waze

If you take the car somewhere, don’t lose time looking for the way! With Waze, you will make sure to get there fast. This is great if you have a baby that isn’t all that happy about sitting in a car.

  1. Exercise app

Time to get back to pre-pregnancy size. Use an exercise app to get in shape by moving more. Count your steps and also keep track of what you are eating and how much of it. This will be healthy both for you and for baby.

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