Winning Moves: Retro Family Game Night

I received Winning Moves Games for a Retro Family Game Night to facilitate an honest review.

Need some family time? Clear the table and get ready for your children to love you with a Retro Game Night! The possibilities are endless. Winning Moves will help you throw the best game night ever and be the best MOM on the block–not too shabby for a fun night at home with the kiddos!

Winning Moves is a leading maker of classic card and board games, world renown puzzles, action games and popular adult party games. Since their first year of operation in 1995, they have forged a close relationship with the world’s largest game company, Hasbro, Inc., owner of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games. As a result, many long-lived Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games are now made exclusively by Winning Moves Games!

retro family  game night

We love Family Game Night! It gives us time to come together, leave the stress behind and just laugh out loud! We recently had a Retro-Themed Family Game Night where I introduced my kiddos to the classic games I played as a child.

By far their favorite was Sorry! It’s the classic online entertainment I grew up where players try to travel around the board with their pieces faster than any other player. As a child, the game I remember was manufactured by Parker Brothers.

Family Game Night classic sorry by winning moves

Sorry! is a board game for two to four players, ages six through adult. My kiddos caught on quickly that the game was called Sorry! Due to the the many ways in which a player can negate the progress of another, while issuing an apologetic “Sorry!”

We had a blast trying to be the first player to get all four of our pawns into our Home space. Draw a card and follow the directions by moving forward in a clockwise direction, but sometimes a card will be drawn that has you moving backward or switching places with another player–even sending them back to Start!

The kiddos love the excitement of the fast-paced move as they tried to secure themselves into the “Safety Zone.” They counted spaces and hoped for “slides”…I love that, like the older version I grew up with, Winning Moves Classic Sorry! has the “diamond space” directly back one space from the start square. It’s a game changer as the pawn of the same color may not move forward over the square AND so if you are on start, and draw a “4”–which you must move backwards four spaces, your pawn must diverge into “Home”.

Sorry! Is definitely as much of a hit for my children as it was way, way back when I first discovered it as a kiddo!

Family Game Night puffer puzzle

During a rainy day, the kiddos discovered how easy it was to pass the time by putting together a puzzle. They enjoyed the fun shaped pieces and looked forward to adding those as they searched for the straight edges to build the frame of the puzzle. The Puffer puzzle challenged them with two birds looking very similar and the large mass of blue or white.

The next morning, the rain was still coming down….

Family Game Night rainy day

Usually they whine, but they still had a puzzle from Winning Moves to put together so they got it out and started putting together the pieces until they had recreated the picture on the box! It was such a feeling of satisfaction!

Family Game Night puzzle fun

They were quite speedy with the puzzle after putting together the puffer one so they twiddle their thumbs and watched the rain until I announced we had another game to play….Yahtzee!

Family Game Night yahtzee!

Oh, how I loved Yahtzee as a child. Marketed by game entrepreneur, Edwin S. Lowe in 1956 and finding it’s way to to me by the late 1970s, Yahtzee’s dice game is a good time!

If it’s been awhile since you have played, the object is to score the most points by rolling the five dice into certain combinations. Roll up to three times to get the highest possible score, with thirteen possible scoring combinations. Players take turns through thirteen rounds.

The kiddos didn’t know what to think when I had all the elements of Yahtzee! and screamed, “Yahtzee!”–but when they each rolled their own, they didn’t hesitate before hollering it out!

According to Hasbro, 50 million Yahtzee games are sold each year. Wow!

The final game from Winning Moves that we reviewed was Pass the Pigs–Pig Party Edition.

Family Game Night pass the pigs pig party

This was our least favorite, but it was still fun. For this game each player gets two pigs that they throw to the table trying to match the pigs position on the card. Each pig has one dot on one side.

Family Game Night pass the pig

Each player takes a turn until the player throwing either rolls the pigs in the position of their cards or decides to pass the play to the next player.

Our problem was everyone wanted to roll their pigs, so there was no organization to the game!

Winning Moves  offers the best-selling titles like Pass The Pigs®, PayDay®, Rubik’s® Cube, Super Scrabble®, Rack-O®, No Stress Chess®, and hot new sellers like Big Boggle®, Mah Jongg™ Card Game and The Game Of Life® Dogs Edition. Additionally, many timeless classics like Pit®, Deluxe Rook®, and Go To The Head Of The Class® are now exclusively made by Winning Moves Games.

They have a great line of puzzles, where the pieces are shaped in fun and unique shapes like cowboy boots, ballerinas, animals, letters and more!

Whether your game night begins retro or with newly released games, Winning Moves is your one stop entertainment online store for family game night or anytime!