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One of the best skin care products is UdderlySmooth. It will have you “MOOving those other, more expensive moisturizers off your counter this season and making room for  the most reliable and affordable Udderly Smooth.

udderly smooth best skin care products

Grandpa the Poster Boy for the best skin care products

Long ago, my now 94 year old grandfather was a cattle rancher. He spent a lot of time outside doing what cattle ranchers do. Several years ago, we were visiting and gathered around the table. My grandpa started picking at his arm and then said, “I just get carried away, but when I get a hold of myself I remember have this…” It was then that he reached to the middle of the table and dipped his fingers in a jar and smeared the thick cream over his arm and said, “this is the best stuff. It’s for use on dairy cows, but I like it for myself!”

Turns out Grandpa knows a thing or two about creams. The product was actually developed by a pharmacist over 30 years ago to soothe and soften cow’s udders during harsh winters and people soon realized it works great on human skin as well. Udderly Smooth IS great for dairy cows, but it’s an amazing product that contains s rich moisturizing ingredients to soothe and help rejuvenate the worst dry or cracked skin.

udderly smooth for all seasons

Best Skin Care Products for Winter Season

Udderly Smooth offers the best skin care products for the winter season. Your skin will thank you because dry, chapped and crack skin won’t be settling in. Udderly Smooth absorbs deeply and helps to quench dry, thirsty skin from the inside out making skin “udderly smooth all year long.

Udderly Smooth’s Best Skin Care Products:

udderly smooth hand cream and foot cream

  • Udderly Smooth 12 oz Body Cream:  This thick and rich body cream moisturizes dry chapped and cracked skin into soft and smooth skin.  Use after bathing, every day, every season to seal in softness and long lasting moisture on tough spots, like cracked heels; it’s even gentle enough for baby’s delicate skin.  (ARV $4.99)
  • Udderly Smooth 8 oz Shea Butter Foot Cream:  Provides all the benefits of Udderly Smooth with the addition of shea butter for moisturizing relief for dry feet. It can be especially soothing for cracked heals. (ARV $4.99).
  • Udderly Smooth 4 oz Udder Cream: The Udderly Smooth cream also comes in a convenient tube for on-the-go needs. (ARV $2.99).

Best Skin Care Products for Long-term Results

Udderly Smooth is a thick cream that absorbs quickly into the skin. It is nearly instant results that last longer than a few moments.  I love the foot cream. It works wonders on my heals and I love the Hand Cream for on the go moments. My hands are much softer since I have been using Udderly Smooth. It’s TLC for the whole body. Great skin makes the rest of you look amazing and Udderly Smooth will have you looking and feeling your best.

Udderly Smooth Best Skin Care Products have a New Look:

Udderly Smooth has added blue to their red, black and white theme. The product is the same great product Grandpa has used for years, with the Shea Butter that makes our skin look fabulous.

Purchase Udderly Smooth products from food,drug, and mass merchants such as Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General, and Ace Hardware nationwide.

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