#Win a North Pole Communicator from Hallmark (US ends 11/30)

 A North Pole Communicator is Essential

When it comes to getting those lists to Santa and reporting whose been naughty and nice! This year, Hallmark is making it easy. Gather the family around each day, beginning December 1, and dial up the North Pole for some old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness, back-and-forth conversations between your home and residents at the North Pole–including the jolly man, Santa, himself!

It’s sure to be night’s the family remembers as the magical conversations inspire us all to keep believing in the spirit of Christmas!

Hallmark Celebrates the Season with the North Pole Communicator!

Hallmark celebrates the season this year with a wonderful North Pole Communicator. Talk back and forth to Santa and his elves! This will keep the kids guessing if they have been naughty or nice! In true Hallmark tradition this is a wonderfully made keepsake that can be used year after year!

north pole communicator

o North Pole Communicator: This magical machine lets kids dial in to the North Pole once each day throughout the Christmas season! The North Pole residents will engage your children in two-way conversations that are entertaining and magical — and keep them believing in the spirit of Christmas. This works off of 2 batteries and nothing elaborate! You can learn all about these great items on the review at Pittsburgh Frugal Mom.

Not Just a North Pole Communicator, Hallmark Because You Care to Send the Very Best

Hallmark is known for their greeting cards and this giveaway will give you a few of those as well! Whether your holiday wishes are heartfelt or hilarious, Hallmark has a variety of greeting cards to suit your needs. These cards made me laugh and from the minute I saw each card, I knew to whom each card to go!

Hallmark has a way of knowing your life, your friends and your family and making those words and thoughts of care show up on a card! I wonder if they leave little elves in our homes year round to learn what we need for greetings?

Win a North Pole Communicator

and an

Assortment of Hallmark Greeting Cards!

north pole communicator
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  1. My son wants the tree up right away.

  2. christine jessamine says:

    my kids always ask to put up the christmas tree

  3. The tree has to go up first so they can set up the train around it.

  4. Vikki Billings says:

    The Christmas tree and then the lights!!

  5. Our fresh green tree and the cool lights inside & out. I seen this communicator at the Hallmark store at the mall. It is really nice.

  6. tina reynolds says:

    the tree and lots of lights on the porch

  7. It is always the tree. thank you

  8. sheri anderson says:

    The Christmas tree and decorations and also the wreath for our door, thanks!

  9. melissa ipock says:

    the tree we love that part of christmas!!

  10. Jerrilyn Casto says:

    Various Christmas decorations from over the years.

  11. Santa’s Key so he can visit we have no chimmney.

  12. The tree.

  13. melinda fritz says:

    the tree on black friday cuz they love to

  14. Stephanie Larison says:

    Window stickers, she likes to help put them up

  15. Crystal Young says:

    The tree because when it goes up they start their count down until Christmas.

  16. I don’t have kids but I put up the christmas candles up first :)

  17. jessica hager says:

    We usually put our little window clings up first. I was cleaning out my building and my daughter saw the Christmas tree and wanted to put it up so we’ve had our tree up for about a week or so.

  18. Debra Logan says:

    My kids are grown up but they always wanted to put on the tree and things they made in school.

  19. They love putting window cling decorations on!

  20. They want to hang their new ornament for the year on the tree.

  21. Barb Edwards says:

    The Christmas tree for sure. We all wear green clothes and pretend we are Santa’s elves, singing carols and eating popcorn as we decorate it.

  22. jennifer wexler says:

    the tree, they love putting on the ornaments

  23. April Brenay says:

    we hung our stockings first, and get a picture by the fire place!

  24. michelle madero says:

    Everything, my kids love the feeling of christmas and don’t have a favorite. As long as we do it together they are happy

  25. michelle smith says:

    My kids love putting up the stocking the most. I think they just mark the first part of the season for them.

  26. Katie Moyle says:

    The tree of course :)

  27. the tree and the lights

  28. Sindy Murray says:

    They like to put the tree first and help with the decorations. they feel so proud after they are done!

  29. mary diehl says:

    We always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Not sure how well it will be this year , as we had gotten a kitten and a puppy

  30. Della Taraska says:

    The Christmas tree because it is a family tradition. We put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving! :)

  31. maryanne calvillo says:

    Christmas tree.

  32. Justina Justice says:

    xmas tree.. so they can help with ornaments..

  33. Angela Hendricks says:

    The Christmas tree because its my son’s favorite and it’s the biggest decoration we do.

  34. Tammie Brinks says:

    I don’t have any kids, but my family always puts up our lights in the windows first!!

  35. The Christmas tree, if they could…they would leave it up year round..lol.

  36. Renee Walters says:

    Definitely the Christmas Tree.

  37. The kids always want to hang the candy canes up 1st so they can snack on them lol i go through a lot of candy canes on the tree each year ..thank you

  38. Susan S., TN says:

    The Christmas Tree is always the very 1st piece of decoration that is put up each year..

  39. Hollie Jahnke says:

    My daughter always wants to put the angel on top of the tree because it’s very special to our family.

  40. Denise Welch says:

    They love the santa we put out in the yard

  41. Jennifer Young says:

    My girls want the lights up!

  42. Susan Maggiulli says:

    The Christmas Tree They Love To Decorate It & Because We Collect Ornaments They Can,t Wait To See Them Hanging On The Tree :) :)

  43. Shannon Baas says:

    The tree of course.

  44. My boys like the train set because it’s “fun”

  45. My kids love putting up the advent calendar and then the tree

  46. The collection of advent calendars because they like opening the various doors ea. day seeing the various treats and reading the various passages as we count down to Christmas.

  47. Kathy Davis says:

    Has to be the Christmas Tree, on the day after Thanksgiving. Why? It means Christmas is really coming.

  48. Storm Buxton says:

    My kids always ask to put up the tree first. Once the tree is up it really starts to feel like Christmas.

  49. They always ask for the lights to be hung outside.

  50. Barbara Stenby says:

    the first thing my son asks to put up are the nutcrackers

  51. michele barnette littlejohn says:

    The lights in the house

  52. They like the stockings hung first!
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  53. This is my granddaughters first Christmas she will rememner . she is 2 years old. I will give her a choice and see what she wants to put up first then maybe it will become a tradition for her. We will see..

  54. Its always the lights first.

  55. Heather Stanley says:

    My kids always want the tree first!! We make a night of it all together :)

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