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Ginger Ale and I go way back. I remember as a little girl, playing at my grandparent’s house with my cousin. In the fruit room (the room under the porch where Grandma stored her canning) under the bottom shelf, Grandpa had a stash of Ginger Ale. It was forbidden. Still, my cousin and I would sneak into the fruit room and guzzle the deliciousness.

My kiddos LOVE ginger ale. It’s my go to for belly aches. It’s our choice with a little grenadine for a “Shirley Temple”. It tastes awesome!

We recently reviewed Seagram’s Ginger Ale .

Seagram's Ginger Ale

My kiddos can read so when they read on the Seagram’s can they’ve redeveloped their formula and the new version contains 25% fewer calories than before, they turned their noses up. I suggested we give it a try. Perhaps a blind taste test?

The kiddos rallied around and I blindfolded them. They tried Seagram’s Ginger Ale and Schwepp’s. After a few gulps and swiggs they had made their decision on the better flavor. Both of them thought the Seagram’s Ginger Ale was better. They couldn’t believe it had less sugar! They in fact, declared it the sweeter of the two. That’s when I took a gulp…oh, man! Do I love the  carbonated heat at the back of my throat and that sweet, sweet burn on the sides of my tongue that soothes and refreshes!

Since it was Shark Week we made our Shark Attack Punch Recipe using the Seagram’s Ginger Ale:

shark attack punch

I haven’t found the new Seagram’s here in Winston-Salem yet, but it should be available nationwide.

VINTAGE-PUNCH with Ginger Ale


If you enjoy beverages, I discovered this Fruit Punch Recipe made with Ginger Ale at Everywhere You Go. It’s a combination of tea, organge juice, lemonade and gingerale with fruit and apple juice.

It’s summer and Seagram’s offers a great variety of recipes for those that don’t want to drink their Ginger Ale straight up. Discover a twist on your Seagram’s Ginger Ale with these Seagram’s recipes.

We are very fond of Seagram’s Ginger Ale. It’s refreshing and 25 percent less sugar is a bonus–especially when it doesn’t taste like less sugar!

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  1. Strawberry Coolers.

  2. Aranciata.

  3. Christian Alejandro says:

    I would like to try the Ginger Ale Ice.

  4. Christian Alejandro says:

    I loved dr. pepper growing up!

  5. I’d like to try the Cranberry Smash.

  6. We drank Kool-Aid most days.

  7. I used to mix all the sodas at a soda fountain together and call it a tornado! :)

  8. Laura Shepherd says:

    The Southern Ginger sounds refreshing & delicious!

  9. Laura Shepherd says:

    Well, the most unique beverage that I LOVED as a child was warm, spiced apple cider. My Mom made it at Christmas time and served along with her homemade Chex Mix that we called “Party Mix”. I still love the two together during the Christmas season!!!!!

  10. Sunrise Boyd says:

    I would like to try the Strawberry-Basil Mojito

  11. Sunrise Boyd says:

    I liked Kool aid lol

  12. heather c says:

    I loved going to my grandmother’s house as I got to drink ginger ale! Another favorite was chocolate milk!

  13. wow

  14. Stephanie Easterling says:

    I remember when I was little we were not allowed to have soda, but when we were sick we were allowed to have ginger ale to make us feel better.

  15. The recipe for Southern Ginger sounds good, even better with a little bourbon.

  16. James Coyne says:

    I’ve always loved coca cola

  17. My personal fave was Apple Cider, don’t know why, I always loved Cider instead of juice, even when I was very little. I still love it and look forward to Autumn !

  18. Rootbeer was a drink we would always get at the local drive thru rootbeer stand in the summer time.. I didn’t realize how many recipes can be made with Seagram ginger ale drink……………..

  19. Rootbeer was a drink we would always get at the local drive thru rootbeer stand in the summer time.. I didn’t realize how many recipes can be made with Seagram ginger ale drink……………..


  21. Rootbeer was a drink we would always get at the local drive thru rootbeer stand in the summer time.. I didn’t realize how many recipes can be made with Seagram ginger ale drink

  22. shelley labouve says:

    strawberry coolers

  23. shelley labouve says:

    zaterain”s home made root beer (maw maw root beer) way better than kool- aid

  24. Cream soda from the glass dark brown bottle!

  25. Kathy Newman Hardiman says:

    When we were old enough to stay home alone, and my parents went bowling, we sometimes got 7-Up with orange slices in it…then when we were done drinking the 7-Up we ate the orange slices ~ yum!

  26. Nicole Millheim says:

    I grew up on Coke..loved it

  27. Melissa Johnson says:

    I remember root beer floats in the summer time. I used to mix up the ice cream so it really ended up being like a creamy root beer drink in a frosty cold glass. But, now that I’m all growed up (lol), I like Jack and Gingers instead (Jack Daniels and ginger ale).

  28. My fav beverage was chocolate milk.

  29. Immy Ferrara says:


  30. dr. pepper

  31. I think I going to try the cranberry smash and the shandy

  32. angela reed says:

    i use to love dr.pepper

  33. Strawberry Coolers I even wrote it down going to buy the stuff at the store next time I go out my family loves strawberries…yum

  34. I loooved pepsi.

  35. Dr Pepper! — It was the only thing my dad drank, still is! :)

  36. I liked fresca asa kid. My Uncle worked as a Coca – Cola distributor and every evening he could bring home any damage sodas (can dented label ripped) so it was always great to visit because I knew all the fresca was just for me .

  37. Kelly Britton says:

    My brother and I loved going out to eat where you got to fill your own cup of soda. We would mix a little of everything! :)

  38. Tang

  39. My favorite was Cherry Coke always stopped after school at a little store I lived by to get one everyday after I got off the school bus

  40. Dawn Daugherty says:

    As a kid Kool-Aid was my favorite

  41. kathy pease says:

    id like to try the rockshandy..it sounds good :)

  42. Kimberly Thompson says:

    I want to try the strawberry coolers! sounds divine!!

  43. Jack and Ginger sounds good right about now, LOL

  44. Haha…my brother and I drank “purple cows” which we made with mild and grape soda. I tried again recently and nearly vomited.

    • @Rachel G: That was supposed to be MILK Haha…my brother and I drank “purple cows” which we made with milk and grape soda. I tried again recently and nearly vomited.

  45. Kimberly Thompson says:

    My favorite childhood beverage was yoohoo! I absolutely lived for it!

  46. Donna Pyszk says:

    Hi C fruit punch was my favorite drink as a kid

  47. I loved cherry 7up, remember the cool can too

  48. We grew up on Root Beer! :)

  49. kathy pease says:

    I always loved coke..My brother and I would always walk to the corner store and get one..That was back when it was in the funky glass bottles..a long long time ago..lol

  50. Birdie Skolfield says:

    Id like to try the Canadian pride

  51. Jennifer Haffner says:

    Would love to try (and probably will soon) the Strawberry Coolers!

  52. Stephanie OMalley says:

    Liked shirely temples as a kid

  53. Jennifer Haffner says:

    Loved chocolate milk! When I was really little on every Sunday my parents would cook a HUGE breakfast and we would all gather in the living room to relax while eating, my dad would always have this tall glass of chocolate milk that my brother’s and I would always drink most of. It was the only time we were truly permitted to eat in the living room and as we got older we each ended up with our own. Those Sundays are one of my favorite childhood memories…

  54. mary mcmenamy says:

    cranberry smash sound fab

  55. Dorothy B says:

    I would like to try Ginger Ale Ice

  56. Jennifer C. says:

    The strawberry coolers sound yummy and refreshing.

  57. A strawberry basil mojito sounds good!

  58. Cream Soda was always my fav

  59. Abby Kraynick says:

    The Cranberry Smash sounds yummy!!!

  60. mary mcmenamy says:

    My favorite way is a twist of lime cranberry and a sprig of mint

  61. Jennifer C. says:

    When I was a kid I remember the tall glass bottles of RC. They tasted so good and liked exchanging them at the store. Those were the days.

  62. Dorothy B says:

    My son loved Fizzies the tablets that you drop in a glass of water

  63. Country Time Lemonade!! My Grandma used to make it for us during summertime!!

  64. Miz Vickik says:

    I liked Faygo red pop =)

  65. I loved New York Seltzer. The root beer flavor was the best.

  66. Brad Merrell says:

    The Canadian Pride sounds good

  67. Brad Merrell says:

    Minute Maid Lemonade

  68. Debra Guillen says:

    I’d like to try the Cranberry Smash

  69. Debra Guillen says:

    My favorite childhood beverage was Grape NeHi. As kids, my sisters and I would spend the summer with on my Grandparent’s farm. My Uncle would take us occasionally to a small country store in the back of his pickup and let us each get a soda. We never had soda at home so we always looked forward to it.

  70. Adrienne M says:

    Root beer floats

  71. I would like to try Cranberry Smash.

  72. amy deeter says:

    drinking lemonade with my sisters while going to amusement parks.we loved their lemonade

  73. Ashley Pichon says:


  74. Kat Emerick says:

    My favorite was mint ginger ale!! I couldn’t get enough of it! My dad bought it for me all the time….I still drink it when I find it.

  75. kelly mcgrew says:

    my favorite childhood drink was iced tea because its so refreshing!

  76. My favorite childhood beverage was chocolate milk.

  77. raymond stevenson says:

    I grew up in new England like ma CT so pola bear soda and foxon park was allways there for me

  78. Teresa Thompson says:

    I would like to try Cranberry Smash.

  79. Teresa Thompson says:

    RC cola.

  80. brandy g. says:

    My favorite drink as a kid was Grape Soda, I use to love those drinks. It had so much sugar in it and now my kids love it too.

  81. Serena Powell says:

    My favorite drink as a kid was Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-aid

  82. The vermouth sparkler sounds delicious and refreshing — low, but not no-, alcohol.

  83. My dad and I would make root beer floats together sometimes — I still have these big, bowl-like glasses we used. It’s a sweet memory.

  84. I’ve always only liked water.

  85. krystal wethington says:

    I always loved going to Sonic with my mom and getting strawberry slushies

  86. Cherry Coke

  87. I had two favorites which were completely different flavors. My sweet orange “juice” was TANG and my chocolate delight was YooHoo. I remember dunking Nilla Wafers in my TANG and so enjoying my creation.

  88. Jennifer Speed says:

    I would like to try the Strawberry Coolers

  89. Bobby Tarumi says:

    Also, I’d love to try the “Canadian Pride” recipe!

  90. Bobby Tarumi says:

    My childhood favorite was orange cream soda. That was back in Arizona. Once we moved to Hawaii, I couldn’t really find anything like it. Everything tasted too “local”, which is great and all, but it wasn’t the same. Now days my local stores carry the good ol’ glass bottles of my favorite orange cream soda brand :)

  91. I always loved Orange Soda. Still do.

  92. Christine says:

    7 up

  93. shirley temples were always a favorite of mine. especially because i only had them on special occasions

  94. Tanya White says:

    I would like to try the strawberry basil mojito

  95. Tanya White says:

    i loved cherry 7 up as a kid.

  96. Brenda Shreve says:


  97. Elizabeth E says:

    My favority beverage in high school was Jolt, until my Mom caught me spending the money she gave me for breakfast on a can of Jolt and a Snickers bar… wow did I pay for that one! LOL

  98. Colleen W says:

    Orange crush floats. Like root beer floats but made with Crush orange soda instead. Mmmmm.

  99. Brenda Gaines says:

    strawberry coolers

  100. Brenda Gaines says:

    my fav drink from childhood…i had a few. rc cola, gatorade and what we called 50/50..half sprite and half coke lol

  101. alena svetelska says:

    i liked slurpy while growing up as a kid.

  102. alena svetelska says:

    Would like to try the Shandy.

  103. Debra Ford says:

    I would like to try the Cranberry smash

  104. Debra Ford says:

    I always looked forward to weddings and special dinners out when I could get a Shirley Temple

  105. Ed Nemmers says:

    Ginger Ale Ice is my recipe of choice!

  106. Ed Nemmers says:

    We used to love indulging in lime sherbet and a lemon lime soda as a treat

  107. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    Would like to try the Shandy.

  108. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I loved Slurpee’s when I was a kid.

  109. Favorite childhood beverage had to be jugs,the blue one of course lol

  110. Trisha Balmer says:

    My favorite childhood beverage was NesQuik chocolate milk. I had a NesQuik bunny cup and spoon! :)

  111. The Black and Tan is intriguing.

  112. Fave childhood drink…Shirley Temple!

  113. Cranberry smash looks yummy!

  114. Favorite childhood memory…stealing flowers from neighbors yard to give to grandmom

  115. lol, i also grew up with kool aid

  116. Tricia Igo says:

    when I was a kid, zarex was the special treat – pretty gross now!! I once accidentally killed my sister’s fish by pouring zarex in the cup where she had the fish to clean the bowl – I thought the cup just had water in it – oops

  117. This freebie that goes right to the heart of ginger ale lovers everywhere..or should I say right to the stomach. Love freebies like this!

  118. I would try the Cranberry Smash! I usually drink cranberry juice with my vodka, but never thought to add ginger ale!

  119. Nicole D. says:

    I always loved kool aid! We had the big plastic pitcher and glasses from sending in the kool aid points!

  120. Fresca was always a treat for me! My parents never bought it but my Granpa drank it like it was water. So whenever we went to visit its all I would drink!

  121. Melanie Montgomery says:


  122. Jennifer Speed says:

    I always liked cream soda but I could only have it on certain occasions and I really didn’t like that idea

  123. I loved lemonade but we seldom got to have it.

  124. Angela Kinder says:

    While I loved Dr Pepper, I also grew up drinking Canada Dry ginger ale. I still drink it today.

  125. the strawberry cookers look great!

  126. Linda Lansford says:

    my fave was koolaide with popcorn

  127. jennifer cecil says:

    I loved cheerwine and Donald duck orange juice as a kid.

  128. Loved yohoo!

  129. Stephanie Larison says:

    I’d like to try the strawberry coolers recipe

  130. Stephanie Larison says:

    I liked fresca growing up, I can’t find it anywhere these days.

  131. Tammy Greer says:

    We drank a lot of Kool-Aid when I was a child.

  132. Ross Hassel says:

    I loved a kiddie cocktail.

  133. cranberry smash sounds yum!

  134. Susan Christy says:

    I used to sneak downstairs to “kiss dad goodnight” and he would give me a drink of his Pepsi from a bottle. It was the only pop I ever drank growing up. My favorite drink as a child was iced tea and I still love a big glass of tea.

  135. my favorite were shirley temples with extra cherries lol

  136. Karen Smith says:

    I remember drinking the Coke”s and the Pepsi”s out of the glass bottles… Those was the days!!!

  137. Cheryl Saves says:

    Canadian Pride

  138. sandra davis says:

    i remember drinking the cokes out of the glass bottles……they tasted so different back then.

  139. Cheryl Saves says:

    Ice cold cold out of the machine when our family was heading up to our cottage. I could not wait till my parents got to the icecream place so I could get my soda

  140. chocolate milk as a kid was my fav best memories

  141. April Winkler says:

    Rootbeer floats for sure

  142. I would have to say chocolate milk. I remember going out to lunch with my gram, my mom, and my sister, and we weren’t allowed soda so chocolate milk was our treat. Mom didn’t but chocolate milk much, and it wasn’t an option in school lunches when I was young. I still love it!

  143. Misty Brown says:

    I’d like to try the strawberry coolers.

  144. I would like to try the Strawberry Coolers!!

  145. Chocolate milk was and always will be my favorite drink!!

  146. don’t really remember. I know we had Kool-Aid alot

  147. Jennifer R. says:

    My favorite childhood beverage was Nesquik Chocolate Milk. I remember having this most mornings for breakfast growing up.

  148. Misty Brown says:

    Rootbeer Floats with my Grandpa every Saturday.

  149. Melissa B. says:

    My favorite childhood drink was Pop Rouge. I wish they still sold it.

  150. Would like to try the Strawberry Cooler. Sounds yummy!

  151. My favorite has always been Coke.

  152. We had a couple living next door that we called Grandma Dessie and Grandpa Dean. They had a beautiful garden and Grandpa Dean was always bringing in fruits of his labor. Grandma Dessie would make a rhubarb strawberry slush that was so delicious. That was over 30 years ago and I still remember how the sweet strawberries would make that rhubarb taste good! They were amazing people and we always so kind to my brothers and me…..wish I had that recipe!

  153. Their Strawberry Cooler sounds so refreshing!

  154. we love our ‘Shirley Temple’ drink our parents would make us for special days!

  155. I loved Tang…I wanted to be an astronaut.

  156. My favorite childhood beverage was MelloYello.

  157. I’d like to try the Strawberry Coolers :)

  158. Sharon Baker says:

    It was called Keen a drink mix tasted sort of like Hawaiian Punch. I begged my Mom for it all the time!

  159. Claire McKeon says:

    I loved Orange Soda. My brother used to ride his bike to the store and take orders from me and my sister. I always wanted orange soda, Back then it came in glass bottles. He never broke them!

  160. I loved strawberry soda.

  161. I used to love root beer as a kids because my parents would make root beer floats for us. As an adult I enjoy ginger ale or cola.

  162. Claire McKeon says:

    I loved orange soda! But ginger ale brings back such pleasant memories as well. My mom always gave us ginger ale, pretzel rods and sherbert when our tummies hurt. Although I was sick at the time it is a cherished memory.

  163. ice old ginger-ale in an iced tea glass with lots of ice it was my reward for helping the nuns who lived in the convent across the street from us.

  164. ed goldstein says:

    giner ale and hawaiian lpunch

  165. Southern Ginger sounds good

  166. Mr Pibb it was the best & Mellow Yellow when my parents let me have it LOL

  167. melissa griffith says:

    I always loved going to my grandparents where my grandma would make me hot tea with milk in the mornings.

  168. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I ould love to try the strawberry coolers !

  169. Debbie Fitcher says:

    Strawberry coolers

  170. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I always loved Sprite as a child. It was definately a treat when I was able to drink it.

  171. I’ve always loved Coca-Cola when I was a child. Now I like Cherry Coke or Cherry pepsi :)

  172. Debbie Fitcher says:

    I loved cream soda with a scoop of ice cream.

  173. shirley temple was my favorite childhood drink

  174. Pam Parson says:

    The Southern Ginger recipe looks great !

  175. Marcia Belknap says:

    I’d like to try the Jack and Ginger!

  176. Theron Willis says:

    Kern’s Pineapple and Coconut.

  177. Pam Parson says:

    I adored Strawberry soda when I was a kid. Grapette was a close second :)

  178. Hannah Leuschen says:

    Suntea was what I loved when I was younger.

  179. Ginger ale honestly for the simple fact of my grandfather and I use to play go fish all the time. Whenever w would play he would say that if I won I would get to have that drink in a fancy glass! He was my best friend and it made me feel so special!

  180. Marcia Belknap says:

    I loved iced tea and it is still my favorite!!

  181. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    I’d like to try the Strawberry Cooler.

  182. JJ Caraway says:

    I would love to try the Southern Ginger recipe.

  183. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    I loved grape Kool aid as a kid. I still do

  184. JJ Caraway says:

    Mom use to make us a drink with crushed ice, sugar, vanilla flavoring and evaporated milk.

  185. Ice tea and it’s still my favorite

  186. My grandfather used to make me shirley temples :)

  187. my fav was hot chocolate with whip cream and a candy cane :)

  188. I loved chocolate milk as a kid and I still love it now!

  189. I loved Root Beer as a child.

  190. I’d like to make their Shandy Recipe

  191. i loved mountain dew as a kid

  192. Paula Tavernie says:

    I would love to try the Strawberry Coolers!!

  193. Paula Tavernie says:

    I loved Root Beer as a child!!

  194. Monique Rizzo says:

    I loved Shirley temples as a kid.
    Thanks for the chance.

  195. ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    I loved Cream Soda, perfect mix of creamy and smooth!

  196. Shirly Temple, ginger ale and cherry juice with a cherry on top

  197. Chocolate milk – we didn’t have a lot of money, so when my mom would splurge and get a carton of chocolate milk we loved it!

  198. Eileen Burke says:

    I’d love to try their Strawberry Basil Mojito.

  199. Eileen Burke says:

    Shirley Temples are still my favorite from childhood!

  200. Grandmother’s peach lemonade. I suspect there was a 5 pound bag of sugar in it but it was delicious!

  201. I was a Grape Kool Aid fan.

  202. my favorite was grape crush pop.

  203. Ann Fantom says:

    I would like to try Seagram’s Rockshandy drink recipe.

  204. Ann Fantom says:

    I loved chocolate milk as a child

  205. Brittney House says:

    Ironically my childhood beverage was ginger ale. And it was kind of like a treat because my family never bought it but my best friend’s grandma always had it on hand. Thinking back, I feel bad for as many free ginger ales I’ve taken over the years.

  206. timothy peacock says:

    cranberry smash, i have actually had one of these, but it was called cran-grand.. they are really good

  207. timothy peacock says:

    i have been a diabetic since i was 8 years old and all i can ever rember drinking was diet dr pepper, fond memories of that drink

  208. Samantha Cox says:

    Dr. Pepper gal here

  209. Margaret Smith says:

    The Strawberry Coolers sounds great

  210. Margaret Smith says:

    Mine was Stewarts Root beer

  211. Rhonda Houchin says:

    definatly the cranberry smash

  212. Rhonda Houchin says:


  213. sarah oswald says:

    I loved root beer floats and still do.

  214. strawberry,basil ,mojito,yummy

  215. sunkis ,root beer,shasta,cream soda,coke in the glass batter

  216. Sandrea Igess says:

    I loved Dr Peppers because mama always had them in the house

  217. Larissa B. says:

    Shasta Cream Soda! We’d only get it whenever we went to the lake, so it was a special treat. :)

  218. I always liked Dr pepper. Oddly enough I can’t stand it now, but I love ginger ale!

  219. Dacia Vaughn says:

    Southern Ginger sounds good

  220. Dacia Vaughn says:


  221. The mini Shasta cans almost any flavor.

  222. I would like to try the Strawberry Cooler

  223. Veronica Sandberg says:

    dad’s root beer

  224. My favorite childhood beverage was Hawaiian Punch.

  225. Dawn Sterner says:

    I’d like to try the Strawberry Coolers!

  226. Dawn Sterner says:

    My favorite childhood beverage was Kool-Aid! My mom always had some made for us :)

  227. Kathy Davis says:

    I grew up in the 50s and 60s. We got to have Pepsi sometimes at lunch. I remember taking the bottles back to the store for a refund.

  228. Allyson Odell Hunter says:

    I’d like to try a Strawberry Cooler. It sounds refreshing!

  229. Elayna Spruill says:

    I’m from KY so it would have to be an Ale8

  230. Elayna Spruill says:

    Im from KY so it would have to be an ALE8!!!!!

  231. love gingerale especiall y the dark gingerale great for stomaches and nausea all yankees keep a bottle in the house with a box of saltines

  232. Marietta H says:

    I would like to try the Southern Ginger

  233. Marietta H says:

    A cherry newton or a chocolate cherry vanilla coke.

  234. they all sound good but i would love the black and tan

  235. Jocelyn Dorsey says:

    I think my sons will love the strawberry coolers. They sound tasty

  236. YooHoo

  237. orange crush….. we took a trip..dad would come to a cross roads and say,” left or right” and he would go the way we said :) we ended up in the redwood’s. the only drink was orange crush lol.

  238. Abby Kraynick says:

    LOVED drinking Shirley Temples with my Grandma, I used to feel so grown up and special

  239. Jocelyn Dorsey says:

    My mom would take rainbow sherbet and ginger ale together. It was always a special treat for us.

  240. I used to love Sarsparilla as a kid.

  241. Allyson Odell Hunter says:

    When I was little my Dad used to make us “soda-milk”. He made it with milk and orange soda. All I know it that it tasted like a creamsicle. Yum!

  242. Brionna G says:

    i would like to try cranberry smash!

  243. Wayne Dougherty says:

    Every couple weeks, my folks would drive out to a diary and we would get fresh chocolate milk. That was really good.

  244. frozen coke slushy

  245. Sandy Pettry says:

    I remember drinking Fresca in the late 60’s, it was a grapefruit taste, a little bitter, but very refreshing. I also loved root beer, especially with ice cream.

  246. Brionna G says:

    Kool-Aid (any)

  247. Angelique Drummond says:

    My favorite childhood beverage was Cherry 7-up. My grandmother was working for a hotel in which she was hostess for their banquet hall meetings. Well she just happened to be lucky enough to hostess a party for the unveiling of a new soda (at the time) and was able to bring home several 2-liters before they were even released in the stores. She gave them to us and I thought this was the neatest soda ever! Pink and girly and special because no one else was able to get it yet.

  248. Michelle G. says:

    My favorite childhood drink was always virgin Shirley Temples. I would always have one when we would visit my father’s friend’s restaurant.

  249. vickie couturier says:

    id like to try:strawberry coolers

  250. black and tan

  251. ginger ale and fruit juice mixed together

  252. Linda Poplees says:

    would love to try the strawberry coolers

  253. vickie couturier says:

    when I was a kid we would walk to the store an get a RC cola an a moon pie,,those were the days

  254. we luv ginger ale

  255. Adrienne McElwain says:

    I absolutely love ginger ale or sprite mixed with peach sherbert and pinapple juice! I can’t get enough of it. I make it once a year on my birthday…

  256. Linda Poplees says:

    Mom used to buy me a red soda called Tahitian Treat. They stopped making it but it was my favorite growing up.

  257. I’d like to try the Black and Tan

  258. my favorite childhood drink was probably peach soda

  259. Brenda Myers says:

    Grape Kool Aid then and now :)

  260. I always liked the cans of Hawaiian Punch that came in Hotel vending machines.

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