Tuna Squish: Never Touch Your Tuna Again!

tuna squish ftc

Love tuna but Hate the Smell It Leaves on Hands? We do too. My kiddos LOVE tuna fish on sandwiches, or right out of the can. Sure, they complain it stinks, and remind me over and over after I make tuna fish for them that my hands “smell like tuna”. It’s gross.

Problem solved.

Meet the Tuna Squish. Never touch tuna again!

It’s super easy to use:

tuna squish
Place an opened can of tuna in the Tuna Squish.
tuna squish
Squeeze the handle closed and turn sideways to drain the liquid.
tuna squish
The magnet lifts the lid out of the can when you open the handles.
tuna squish
Press The Fin (button) to release the lid into the trash.
No mess. No stinky tuna juice on your hands.
Just well-drained tuna ready to eat or create your favorite meal.
I think it’s brilliant. Plus it’s very clever, looking like a blue tuna and all!
Here’s a video to see the Tuna Squish in Action!

Never touch your tuna again. pick up your own Tuna Squish Online!

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