Top 5 Family Vacation Destinations

The family vacation seems to become more important as every year passes. With ever increasing pressures at work, and school, family time is constantly stretched and the family holiday provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to have some down time and bond more like a family. This makes the decision on where to take a […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Hotel In Singapore Over Airbnb

Airbnb currently has more than 800,000 host listings in 34,000 cities in 190 countries. To date, 20 million guests stayed with hosts since the website launched in 2008. If you’re planning to travel to Singapore anytime soon – whether for business or vacation, you might be considering Airbnb over staying in a hotel. However, travel […]

Meet Genghis Khan through the Genghis Khan Exhibit #GenghisKhan


We received entrance into the Genghis Khan Exhibit at Discovery Place Science in exchange for this post. A few months back, my kiddos heard the name Genghis Khan. Maybe they heard it before, but this time it meant more. My Genghis Khan I received my results back from Genes For Good. As we looked at […]