Stock-It-Pockets Over the Door Organizer Everything In Its Place!

*I received a Stock-It-Pockets Over the Door Organizer in order to facilitate an honest review.

Getting children organized is never easy but with Stock-It-Pockets Over the Door Organizer “Everything has a home” will be their motto!

Dina Newman has created an amazing over the door organizer that allows everything to have a place. I was apprehensive to give Miss M the Stock-It-Pockets because in the past, my kiddos have demolished over the door pocket organizers. The plastic gets ripped–or they aren’t deep enough to be of much use and the kiddos force the object.  Stock-It-Pockets is unique. It’s made of high quality fabric to withstand wear and tear that happens every day–with or without children.

stock it pocket over the door organizer by dina newman

Miss M has been using the Stock-It-Pockets for about two months. In that time she has experimented with different ways to keep her room clean. At one time the pockets were filled with Barbies with accessories in the two larger pockets up top. This worked great, but she did have some issues getting the smaller accessories out of the deep top pockets. It has also held arts and crafts, jewelry and currently is the home to her shoes!

stock it pockets over the door organizer

 One of the features that I think is awesome, but we haven’t really used is the roll-and-tie option. You can actually roll the Stock-It-Pockets Up, tie it securely and take it with you.
It’s easy to use, simply hand it over the door and begin loading. The pockets on the top are great–they would be perfect for paper storage whether it is copy paper, construction paper or doodle pads, they fit nicely.
 There are so many possibilities for the Stock It Pockets Over the Door Organizer. It can eliminate clutter in a bathroom, home office, crafting room, pantry, garage and more! It has plenty of pockets that are wide and deep.
stock it pockets over the door organizer stitching
 Each pocket is secure with a canvas-like fabric piping that goes in between the pockets as well as across the top of each pocket. It’s durable and has suffered plenty of abuse for me to honestly say, this is one durable organizer!
Dina Newman of Organizing, Concepts, & Designs™ and the creator of Stock-It-Pockets understands organizing as well as the need for high-quality and attractive options. The Stock-It Pocket over the door organizer is not only high-quality and durable, it is also versatile.
With the holidays coming, it would make a perfect gift for someone on your list, as well as a great way to organize your own home.
Visit  Organizing, Concepts & Designs to view some stunning before and after pictures, see how Dina organized some cluttered spaces and order yours today for $24.95 plus S&H.