Star Wars and General Mills #Giveaway

Challenge the boys at my house to naming something better than watching the epic first episode of the Star Wars Saga and watch their eyes roll in wonder until one of them spouts, “Watching it in 3D with your fellow Jedis, of course!” I remember going to the theaters as a child and watching the thrilling Podraces with delight and staying ‘inside the story’ right down to the final lightsaber battle. Now you can enjoy Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace like you never have before. This February, General Mills Big G cereals wants to help celebrate the 3D launch by featuring collectable Star Wars pens in-pack of participating cereals.

star wars, general mills

  • Collect all eight exclusive Star Wars pens that feature iconic Episode I characters including: Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Queen Amidala, Yoda, R2D2, C3PO, Jar Jar Binks and Darth Maul
  • Participating Big G cereals include Cinnamon Toast Crunch® (12.8 oz.), Lucky Charms®(11.5 oz.), Reese’s® Puffs (13 oz.), Cheerios® (14 oz.), and Cookie Crisp® (11.25 oz)
  • In theaters February 10, 2012 you can catch all the action and adventure and relive how the saga began in eye-popping 3D

You won’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to bring the force to your breakfast table. Simply purchase any participating Big G cereal and begin your search for all eight collectable pens! Each Big G cereal is made with whole grain and is an excellent source of calcium, so your younglings will have everything they need to start the day off right!

One Mommy’s Memorandum reader will win a General Mills/Star Wars Prize Pack that includes:

general mills star wars prize pack

  • 2 Boxes of Big G cereal
  • Star Wars character pens
  • Star Wars sticker sheet
  • Star Wars magnets


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“Disclosure:  Prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”


  1. I remember watching it over and over in the theater

  2. It was one of the first movies I watched as a child with my cousins.

  3. I remember the original Star Wars because my whole class went on a field trip to see it!

  4. beth shepherd says:

    I love watching with my son
    thank you

  5. I remember seeing the movies at school on VHS tapes.

  6. shirley pebbles says:

    I remember when I was little watching it and liking the golden robot man.

    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski
    twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
    google +/ shirley pebbles

  7. Charlee says:

    I remember seeing Start Wars for the first time with my brothers…

  8. I remembe my son and nephew having the entire living room floor covered with Star Wars Toys and almost breaking my neck trying to bring groceries in the house.

  9. carol lewis says:

    How my kids loved Darth!

  10. Kat Emerick says:

    I remember buy Star Wars for my son when he was little , now I buy for his son, my grandson.

  11. Coriander Warren says:

    I remember sitting up late at night (past 11o’clock was late when I was 8) and watching the ewoks describe luke’s landing “VROOOOM…CRASH!”

  12. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I rented the Star Wars movies from the library to watch them.

  13. Lisa Garner says:

    I’m subscribed to your emails with lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  14. Lisa Garner says:

    I remember watching Star Wars with my big brother as a child and we both begged for Star Wars toys for our birthdays.

  15. kathy pease says:

    i remember my brother having some of the star wars toys as a kid

  16. Huston Smith says:

    I cant remember the first time I watched Star Wars but I will always remember my sons excitement when he recently watched for the first time

  17. mary gardner says:

    i remember watching the orignal with my oldest son and he has been a huge star wars fan since then!

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  18. remember watching the original when i was little and still love it to this day!

  19. Thomas Gibson says:

    I remember having nightmares about Yoda in my room at night. Now that I look back, I remember Yoda looking like my midget Uncle Freddie on a hangover.

  20. i remember my first trip on star tours at disneyland. it got me started on a love of star tours.


  21. tonya dixon says:

    Loved the movie, especially on the big screen.

  22. I remember seeing it in the theater when I was a kid. It was a huge deal. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. yes sir give it to me

  24. Laura Emerson says:

    I absolutely loved Yoda. For days my little brothers would go around the house trying to imitate how he sounded and one even got the idea of painting his face green. My mother was not amused!
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  25. Brittney House says:

    I loved watching it on the big screen when I was little. It looked huge!

  26. Debra Hall says:

    when the first star wars came out all the theaters were packed

  27. I remember watching it for the first time as a kid with my dad. After that, I wanted to learn how to drive all the spaceships.

  28. I go nothing. I never watched Star Wars.

  29. I loved R2D2 as a kid. such a fun guy.
    tam s.

  30. yoda was always my childhood favorite

  31. melissa Resnick says:

    me and my dad going to the movies together

  32. Jen Harriman says:

    Actually I hadnt had a memory til a month ago! My kids asked to see the 3D version of Phantom Menace & counted down the days for weeks til it was released.. well I took them. It was my first time ever seeing anything Star Wars, the kids had a blast :) I loved seeing their faces!

  33. Ed Nemmers says:

    I first viewed the original “Star Wars” in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin while on vacation!

  34. Rebecca Peters says:

    I have only seen the first one.. soo very many years ago

  35. Jessica T. says:

    I remember my older sister and her boyfriend at the time being so into Star Wars when I was a kid.

  36. I remember seeing a Eewok and asking Santa for one for Christmas that year!

  37. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    I remember when it came out in the 70s. I got a kid’s meal at a place called Burger Chef. It had a Star Wars poster in it. I wish I still had the poster!

  38. Daniel M says:

    our entire gang went to see the original, good times with all us together, we never get together anymore

  39. Kelly Britton says:

    I’ve never been a Star Wars fan, but my brother in law is! At one time he had boxes upon boxes of Star War stuff. Not sure if he still has it, but he is beta testing the new Star Wars game, haven’t seen/heard from him in a while. lol

  40. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    I loved taking my kids for the first time and sharing an old favortite
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  41. susan varney says:

    loved it when luke had it out with his dad darth vader

  42. Shirley Hicks says:

    I was never a fan of Star wars..but my kids like it

  43. I don’t have any one stand out moment, but I remember being completely enthralled at the amazing spectacle before me!

  44. Molly Capel says:

    I remember my parents taking us to see Star Wars at the drive in.

  45. I remember having a Star Wars light saber!

  46. I loved seeing yoda for the first time :-)

  47. I remember the movie theater being so full we had to sit on the front row and it was so close it was hard to see!

  48. Marilyn says:

    I remember everyone making such a fuss when it first came out.

  49. I remember watching it as a last resort but my hubs loves it!
    Fab giveaway! thanks again! Janna Johnson
    janna @ feedyourpig on gfc

  50. I saw the original movie way back when at a drive in movie theater

  51. Russell Moore says:

    In 1977, I watched from the balcony of the Rose theater in Tyler, Tx. Great times.

  52. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I saw it for the first time with my husband who is a huge Star Wars fan.

  53. Javine Mckenzie says:

    having all my friends over for a star wars watch a thon when i was a kid.

  54. I remember standing in line at the theatre to see Star Wars when it first came out

  55. Caryn S says:

    I remember going to see Episode 1 with friends from college

  56. Jessica B says:

    I remember watching it a few years ago for the first time with my son.

  57. Ashley Morrissey says:

    When my boyfriend first introduced me to Star Wars!!

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  58. I remember watching these when I was a kid, and loving it so much that we would play it at school recess.

  59. Erica C. says:

    I remember being drag to the theaters to see one of the Star Wars movies. I didn’t have a problem seeing it…it’s just that I hadn’t slept for 24 hours and was exhausted. I wound up falling asleep in the theater…horrible!

  60. I remember my son being obsessed with the light saber he got from his grandpa for Christmas!

  61. Stacey B says:

    the star wars memories i have are from my 4 year old son. Until I bought him his light saber sword, anything sword shaped was a star wars light saber to him!

  62. Debra F says:

    I’m old enough to remember going to see the original movie in the theatre when I was just a kid… was revolutionary!!

  63. I love Star Wars. They have always been my favorite movies. I grew up watching them with my dad. Ever since I was little we would curl up on the couch and watch them and we saw one of them in theaters. We play the video games as well. Star wars and video games will always be our thing :)

  64. jodi lasher says:

    I remember the star wars pepsi cans.. Also i remember my brother’s always wanting to watch it when we were smaller and i fought with them cuz i wanted to watch my shows. lol

  65. My husband is a fanatic for star wars, so after the birth of our first son, he’d sit with me as we were swooning over the new bundle of joy watching the Original Trilogy.

  66. Eileen Burke says:

    I remember when my dad took me to see Return of the Jedi, great time!

  67. DARLA KIDDER says:

    My favorite Crayola product is the colored pencils.

  68. DARLA KIDDER says:

    I remember waiting in the long lines and all of the people waiting to see Star Wars.

  69. Linda Lansford says:

    I watched my first star wars at the drive-in after major surgery

  70. i want this!! i’d sure to see Yoda!!!

    hopping from Grand Event alexa drop!

  71. Amanda Kinder says:

    I remember seeing Ewoks for the first time as a kid, and thinking “I want one!”

  72. I’m honestly not a Star Wars fan. I don’t even think I’ve seen any of them all the way through.

  73. I remember the line around the block, wiating with my mom and sis eating ice cream

  74. My favorite Crayola product is the humongous package of crayons. I loved that when I was younger.


  75. I remember marking out for the scene where all the bounty hunters are gathered for Darth Vader. I wish Bossk could have got more air time, he looked awesome!


  76. Paula Tavernie says:

    Went with brothers and sister for the first time with out parents!We loved it!

  77. I remember being snuggled up on my parents old couch watching Star Wars with my Dad :-)

  78. When Star Wars first came out my family went to see the movie 3 times in a row We loved it.

  79. I like 8 ct. Crayola Twistable Crayons

  80. We watched Star Wars every time it came on during the summer. We had all the lines memorized lol

  81. Susan Smith says:

    I remember seeing Star Wars on my first date.

  82. My memory was seeing the first movie!

  83. I’m old enough to have seen the first Star Wars when it came out originally. Neither my fiance or I wanted to go but each thought other did so we went and we were blown away!

    • I am that old too…one of the few times I’m proud to say that! I watched it with my friends and was impressed, I had my parents take us to the drive in…they were not fans! :(

  84. crystle tellerday says:

    120 pack crayons

  85. crystle tellerday says:

    we went to the movies on a field trip in school and saw one of the new star wars movies

  86. i loved seeing Yoda!

  87. I remember when the Phantom Menace came out my cousin and I collected all the special Pepsi cans with the characters on them. I think we ended up seeing the movie 5 times.

  88. I remember going to see Episode 1 on opening night–it was so much fun, with people dressed up and light saber battles!

  89. I like their markers.

  90. I loved seeing Yoda for the first time.

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