Solar Powered Fountain #Giveaway (US Ends 6/17)

Solar Powered Fountain Giveaway
June 13-17, 2013
Open to US

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Lawns can be an expression of who we are, adding a beautiful fountain is the perfect accent. Make it a solar powered fountain and it’s even more spectacular. The sound of water flowing, falling to the container below is relaxing. It can be an accent piece or a gathering place.

Would you agree that it takes little things to create a truly comfortable and unique atmosphere in your home? It could be a rocking chair pleasantly inviting you to sit and “rock away” for a few moments in peace. Or it may be one of those amazing long shawls that you got as a gift, but never wear. Instead, you are using it to cover yourself while reading your favorite book.

All the above adds a special a feel about you and your home.

Keeping that in mind, we’d love to invite you to explore some options how brighten up your summer outdoors that would make you want to enjoy them!

Look at this solar powered fountain! It could easily add a beautiful touch to your garden, patio, and even front door entrance!

This artfully designed structure operates without electricity, cords or plugs! A solar panel powers the pump of this charming, southwest-inspired babbling fountain with a natural stone jug that pours water down through three pots into the wide basin below.

This amazing fountain that stands 26-1/2″ high could easily become a bird fountain, too! It might attract small birdies to keep you company all summer long. Are you ready to win it?

Prize – A Solar Powered Fountain in Terra Cotta, $200 Value

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  1. I would love this and I live in NM so we have plenty of solar power :)

  2. my patio furniture by my front door!

  3. leah wall says:

    The Wicker Outdoor Table and Chairs Set would be perfect.

  4. Venetia Wilhelmsen says:

    Wicker outdoor table and chairs. This fountain would look amazing on my patio!

  5. Robin Blankenship says:

    Wicker Outdoor Table and Chairs Set

  6. Sandy Heath says:

    The zero gravity chair!

  7. Vikki Billings says:

    I love the Extra Wide Outdoor Rocking Chair

  8. Kim Shepard-Leggee says:

    Love this, it is summer cute. I want a fountain but my outside wiring is a mess. This would work perfect.

  9. I like the Zero Gravity Chair with Pillow and Canopy

  10. Danielle L. says:

    wicker table and chairs set.

  11. Diane Sallans says:

    I like that Zero Gravity Chair with Pillow and Canopy

  12. Kelly D says:

    I like the Extra Wide Outdoor Rocking Chair

  13. timothy peacock says:

    my handmade park benches in my flower garden

  14. sandra davis says:

    the Wicker Outdoor Table and Chairs Set would be perfect for sitting on enjoying the fountain.

  15. carmen y says:

    Zero Gravity Chair with Pillow and Canopy

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