Sneaky Art Make the World Creative

I received Sneaky Art in order to facilitate an honest review.

Crafts. Some people seem to have a gene and knack for it, while others just can’t seem to do it.

I can crochet, but can’t read a pattern. I’ve tried knitting and there’s way too many moving parts for me to grasp it!

I took a painting class with my sister and mom once and when I showed a friend of mine, who is a professional painter, he replied, “Well, the good thing about first paintings is they serve as a record for where we started.”

I made one quilt in my life. It took me months. It turned out great, but in the end, I didn’t think it was very relaxing.

My Care Bear Costumes doing me proud in Chicago! (Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

I have created costumes for Halloween that have taken first place at costume contests.

The MUPPETS costumes

My Care Bear Costumes made it in the newspaper after a Blackhawk’s game appearance. My mom makes fun of me because no matter what I sew I always make a “mock” one.

gobble tee shirt

I’ve done applique.

hippie dress

I’ve taken a skirt and made it into a dress.

Outside of sewing I’ve crafted Halloween S’mores in a Jar¬†and more.

Sneaky Art by Marthe Jocelyn

Sometimes a book comes a long that allows me to share crafting with my girls. Sneaky Art is a fun book that will have everyone wanting to join in no matter what their crafting level.

It isn’t graffiti or anything permanent. It’s is temporary, playful art made by you and placed around town, in your neighborhood, home or somewhere that will make people smile or have to look twice.

The book outlines the “rules” and gives a tool kit. From there it covers the how, when and where to get sneaky. It’s all bound with a sprial binding making it easy to focus on the task at hand. Each “art” has DIY instructions to make the project easily, and fun!

There’s tiny garlands to string in medicine cabinets or a refrigerator shelf. Cup Danglers made with soft candy and paperclips for rims of cups. Sink Boats for public fountains. Tiny houses and landmarks made using empty matchboxes and Stick Pixies!

There’s a lot of fun projects between the covers and their sure to inspire celebrations no matter what day of the week you find yourself sneaking into the book!