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  Say Thanks Card

cricut say thanks card

Cricut's Say Thanks Card


1. Using paper cutter, cut kraft cardstock down to an A2 size (4 1⁄4” x 11”) and score to make card base

2. Using paper cutter, cut yellow patterned paper at 4″ x 5 1⁄4″ and the schooled themed pattern paper at 3 3⁄4 x 5″ and adhere together.

3. Tie black ribbon around adhered sheets slightly right of center.

4. Using Recess cartridge and aqua patterned paper cut pinked circle (ribbon-s) at 5″.

5. Using Cricut Essentials cartridge and rainbow patterned paper, cut one circle at 2 1⁄4”

6. Using Cricut Essentials cartridge and cream cardstock, cut one circle at 2”. Then using your black pen add pen detailing and stamp sentiment.

7. Layer circles and adhere to card.

8. Using the Recess cartridge and cream cardstock, Cut first layer of the apple out at 1 1⁄2”.Then cut the shift layer out using the green patterned paper at 1 1⁄2”. Using the layer function, cut the main portion of the apple out in the red patterned paper at 1 1⁄2”. Then using the prawn patterned paper cut out the stem by using the layer feature and the shift key at 1 1⁄2”.

9. Assemble apple and adhere to card.

What you will need:

                Provo Craft Supplies

  • Cricut® Expression 2: Anniversary Edition
  • Cricut® Lite Recess cartridge
  • Cricut® Essentials cartridge

                Other Supplies

  • Adhesive
  • Black Ribbon
  • Paper: kraft cardstock, yellow Patterned paper, aqua patterned paper, green patterned paper, brown patterned paper, red patterned paper, rainbow stripe patterned paper, school themed patterned paper, and cream cardstock
  • Teacher themed stamps
  • Black Ink
  • Red Ink
  • Black pen
  • Paper cutter


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  1. What a cute card!! Any teacher would be thrilled to receive it.
    regina recently posted..BOO…..Did we scare YOU????

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