Root Beer Buttercream Icing #Recipe

rootbeer cupcakes with root beer buttercream icing recipe, #recipe

I had HUGE plans to fill the root beer cupcakes before icing them and turning them into “root-beer floats”… The problem with that was in order to fill them, I had to core them and I just could NOT bring myself to remove the yummy cake to put a filling in there.

butter cream icing recipe

I got started making a vanilla butter cream- but before I knew what I was going to do- I had the root beer concentrate in my hands and I was thinking “the more the merrier” as I poured.

For the butter-cream icing

2 sticks (1 cup) of butter (real butter- do NOT skimp out and use wimpy margarine here…)
5 cups of powdered sugar
3 T heavy whipping cream
3 T vanilla
1 T root beer concentrate

adding the rootbeer concentrate

Cream butter in mixer. Slowly add powdered sugar. Mixture will be crumbly and dry. While continuing to mix, gradually add heavy cream, vanilla and root beer concentrate.

root beer buttercream icing recipe

Mix until fluffy.

root beer cupcakes with root beer buttercream icing

Using a rubber spatula, transfer to a piping bag and have fun!!


  1. Calien Laure says:

    Oh, yummy. C’mere and just smear that on my thighs. LOL You are killing me! I’m ok with the cream and butter, but we need to find a healthier alternative than powdered sugar.

  2. Ummm, can you please send me some of these? :) lol…j/k…but these look insanely good!
    Chantelle Shick recently posted..Winner of the Keratinearth Giveaway

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