Red Carpet Party for #MillionDollarArmEvent

There are few things more exciting than a red carpet event. This was my thinking just seeing one in magazines or featured on television. On Tuesday, May 6, I attended the Red Carpet Event for Million Dollar Arm and it was out of this world.

I had no idea what to expect, but I knew it was going to be better than cupcakes!

Here is my first glimpse of the red carpet.

#milliondollararmevent red car

The woman in the long black dress is the REAL Brenda from Million Dollar Arm. You are absolutely going to love her character!

Then the elevation of excitement was kicked up a notch when we got to walk on the red carpet…in this case it’s green and made of AstroTurf, just like a baseball field. Pretty cool; right?

Here I am on the red carpet–I know! I should have put my purse down!


At the end of the fabulous walk, the carpet opens up to the party. Here I mixed and mingled with a dream list of Hall of Fame athletes and celebrities.

The first one I met was Rollie Fingers. I recognized him immediately for his mustache!

#milliondollararmevent Rollie Fingers

You may recognize him for¬†having won three straight World Championships with the Oakland A’s from 1972-74 and as the first recognized, dominant closer.

Then, I spotted Steve Garvey. He’s still handsome!

#milliondollararmevent steve garvey

Steve Garvey played with the L.A. Dodgers and San Diego Padres in baseball. He was Rookie of The Year in either 1973 or 1974. He also was an MVP, multiple All-Star Selection.

Other amazing athletes at the Red Carpet party and premiere included:

  • Dave Winfield played baseball for the Padres and Yankees. Multiple All-Star selection, I think he won an MVP.
  • David Wells pitched for a multitude of teams and was a crafty left hander.
  • Don Newcombe, next to Satchel Paige, was the first successful African American pitcher, being the first to win 20 games in one season and also by being the first player in Major League History to win the Rookie of The Year, MVP and Cy Young Awards during his career. He pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • Clyde Wright and Jarrett Wright a father & son duo.¬†Clyde played for the Texas Rangers in his career and Jarrett played for the Cleveland Indians.
  • Mark Kotsay is a former MLB First Baseman and played for a multitude of teams.
  • Barry Sanders is considered by many to be the greatest Running Back in NFL History.
  • Harry Hamlin starred in the 80’s show L.A. Law among others and was in the movie Pet Cemetery, playing the father.
  • Mickey Dolenz, a member of the 60’s & 70’s teen idol band The Monkees.

I wasn’t very good at spotting the athletes, but I did all right with the Disney Channel celebrities:

#milliondollararmevent bradley steven perry

Here’s Bradley Steven Perry–“Gabe” from Good Luck Charlie.

#milliondollararmevent Sabrina Carpenter

Photo bomb courtesy of Choya from The Real Frugal Divas

It was an incredible evening with food. Celebrities love great hot dogs and rumor has it the best come from Pink’s Hot Dogs…absolutely delicious!

#milliondollararmevent pink's hot dogs

It was truly a very memorable experience from the Red Carpet walk, the mixing and mingling with celebrities and good food.

I even spotted Allyn Rachel who plays JB Bernstein’s assistant in the movie Million Dollar Man. She is so sweet and beautiful.

#milliondollararmevent Allyn Rachel

Million Dollar Arm’s Red Carpet Event was an amazing moment in my life that I will never forget. Take your whole family to Million Dollar Arm this weekend at select theaters nationwide, and see it opening day, May 16 in theaters everywhere!


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      It’s true. A great moment together. I am so glad to have finally met you in person! You are amazing and I appreciate you packing extra “juice” to keep my camera and twitter feed rolling. I loved spending time with you in my room, visiting while you attempted to get my computer online. Xoxo!