Ready Set Go 2pc Bag Organizer by Lori Greiner in PINK! #Giveaway

Lori Greiner Flash Giveaway
Oct 4-5, 2012
Breast Cancer Awareness October Relay
Dedicated to Our Lives

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This amazing giveaway was made possible by the Star of ABC’s Shark Tank & Queen of QVC, Lori Greiner. Thank you Lori Greiner for supporting this monthly campaign against Breast Cancer. Against All Cancer.

Lori is Shark on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank- tune in to see her tomorrow night, Friday, 10/5 at 8/7PM central! Very exciting episode!

Have you ever reached into your bag and realized your wallet or cell phone is in the bag you used yesterday? Help prevent just such a snafu with this set of bag organizers, which can be transferred from one bag to the next. They have plenty of zippered and open sections to hold all of your essentials, and lift out quickly via sturdy handles. From Lori Greiner.

  • Includes medium bag organizer and large bag organizer
  • Generous center section, zippered outer sections
  • Measures 10-1/2″L x 6″W x 5″

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Ready Set Go 2pc Bag Organizer by Lori Greiner in PINK!
Lori Greiner Ready Set Go

Read Mommy’s Memorandum’s Review of the Ready Set Go 2-piece organizer here.

Thank you for stopping by this giveaway today. As part of our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign this month, we encourage you to take good care of yourself by making your monthly breast self-exams a priority in your life. Your happiness and the joy of your loved ones deeply depend on what you do regularly. Please make one more priority your important one!

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Ends 10/5

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  1. I love anything that helps me organize my stuff

  2. organization<3 always love it

  3. Linda Henderson says:

    My purse is always a mess and I think this would really help me be more organized.

  4. Tamie Tarbox says:

    Because it would be nice to re-organize my makeup and such. It’s time.

  5. Melissa Kitley Potter says:

    to organize my craft supplies

  6. I am soo disorganized this would be a serious help

  7. Sharon Baker says:

    I love Lori’s products!

  8. Blessie Nelson says:

    I don’t have one and very bady need one!

  9. Trisha McKee says:

    Because this is perfect for the busy woman, which in reality all women have busy lives and definitely need this!

  10. Marisa Johnson says:

    I would love to win this because it has lots of pockets, and I put a lot of stuff in it. Oh, and it’s pink and pretty.

  11. I want to win so I could actually find some things in my bag! Plus it is pink

  12. I would use the bag as a purse. I love the color pink.

  13. denise hill says:

    I think this is a beautiful bag and would give it to my mom for christmas

  14. Kathy Ross says:

    I know someone who would love to have this so I’m entering to try to win it for a gift for her.

  15. Sarah Harding says:

    i have lots of stuff to put in it!

  16. michelle parker says:

    i would like to have this it would help me be better organize

  17. To organize my purse.

  18. I want to win because I change my purse all the time & this would be so helpful!!

  19. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says:

    I’d give it to my daughter…she loves pink!

  20. It is very attractive and looks very useful.

  21. julie ferguson-gould says:

    I wear PINK to support my wife who has had Cancer 2 times and we are on our 3rd scare.

  22. it will go with my business

  23. love pink and it will help anyone be more organized.

  24. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    maybe I will be able to find my stuff
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  25. I want to win this so I can switch purses more often. I use the same one all the time because I don’t want to take all my stuff out and put and move to another purse. This organizer would help.

  26. Anne Brooks says:

    I want to win this for my daughter so she can get herself organized.

  27. I need organization! I’m a “Be Prepared” type person and literally carry everything but the kitchen sink in my purse, lol.

  28. Melissa Johnson says:

    This would be great to keep me organized AND it’s PINK!!

  29. After having twins my life has become a whirlwind. I cannot stay organized. Lord only knows what is actually inside my purse. :) This would be FABULOUS to have, hopefully with one of these i could keep my purse clean.

  30. Karen Gonyea says:

    I would love to have a sectioned bag because it forces you to stay organized !

  31. Lorrie Rodgers (pinklady705) says:

    I would like to win because I am an organizing fanatic!

  32. Amy Crawford says:

    This is PERFECT!! This would be my new bag for Work, I would carry this EVERYDAY! I would love nothing more than to carry this bag daily,with Pride! Reminding myself and others on a regular how important Breast Cancer Awareness is,and how important it is we NEVER forget those we have lost to Breast Cancer,those who are still in their Battle and those who won their Fight!!! <3 Thank you So much for this chance to win!

  33. I would love to win this because I love big bags but lose everything in them and this would be a great way to keep everything organized!! Thanks for the awesome giveaways and God bless all those who have suffered or who are currently suffering from this horrible disease as well as their families!!

  34. I would this! Pink is my favorite color ! My mother and grandmother both had Breast Cancer. I would this in hornor of them .

  35. I love the pink,& to keep things organized

  36. carren larsen says:

    Because Im the most unorganized person I know.

  37. Kathy Buckner says:

    I am the worst when it comes to finding something in my purse! Everything always goes to the bottom!

  38. Jennifer Schoffstall says:

    I would love this organizer!!! Looks amazing!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  39. Melissa Leinart says:

    I could really use this for scrapbooking.

  40. I know someone who would really like it.

  41. Kathie Craig says:

    Crafts, kids, and organization….

  42. It’s different and a great concept. I would like this! :)

  43. ELIM ENRIQUEZ says:

    because i am a cancer survivor and for that reason i will use with pride

  44. I would love this to help get me organized.

  45. Donna Anthony says:

    I am a crafter and this would be so awesome.. I do Crafts with kids and having this would really help me out Thank you for the chance to win

  46. thanks for the giveaway supporting breast cancer awareness

  47. I have a girlfriend who is currently going through Chemo because of breast cancer. This would be a great gift for her to keep all her things in when she has to goto the hospital for treatments.

  48. Melissa JN says:

    I need this item because I am always running out the door without something! This would organize me and I would LOVE that!

  49. michelle moss says:

    use as purse keep all my important papers organized

  50. With this bag, I may actually STAY organized!

  51. It looks perfect for organizing my messy purse!

  52. crystal lane says:

    Because I am never organized

  53. Rachel Ketterman says:

    I would actually like this to use as mu purse!! I think I might be able to find things in my purse if I was a little more organized…would also make a great make up bag!!

  54. Yarnell P. says:

    I would love to win this because pink is my favorite color and maybe this could help me get more organized.

  55. Fabulous Deals and Steals on facebook link not working. Help!!

  56. I would love to win this organizer to keep all my necessities in. Thank you!

  57. Deanna Tate says:

    I would love to win this organizer so that when people ask me where I got it I can tell them that it was from a giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s an awesome bag and anyone would be lucky to have it! Thank you for the chance!

  58. thank you so much for the giveaways i enjoy them

  59. i love the color and i lost two of my little sisters to cancer and i respect the color for what it stands for, it would go great with my pink and white tennis shoes, that was my sisters colors ,

  60. Genevieve Carter says:

    It’s super cute and super practical!

  61. Rachael Leventhal says:

    i have a big bag with lots of stuff

  62. charissa dryman says:

    its pink and fabulous!

  63. I want to win this because I am having a new baby any day now and I will need anything that can fit in a diaper bag that makes it more organized!

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