Pink Champagne Buttercream Icing #Recipe

pink champagne frosting recipe
Pink Champagne Buttercream Icing Ingredients:
pink champagne icing ingredients
2 cups butter
5 cups powdered sugar6 T pink champagne
2 T strawberry daquirri drink mixer
dash of Karo syrup
Pink Champagne Buttercream Icing Directions-
pink champagne frosting
Beat butter on high speed w/electric mixer for 5 minutes.  Slowly (while on low speed) add powdered sugar until incorporated.  Add champagne, drink mix and a dash of Karo syrup (to add a glossy sheen and help the icing set up) and continue whipping on high speed until light and fluffy.
Transfer to a piping bag with a large star tip and frost cupcakes.
Try this icing on Pink Champagne Cupcakes


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