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Jewelles Feature and Giveaway

***CLOSED*** The winner is…. kelley said… I am following you with Google Friend. Tue Feb 02, 06:12:00 AM MST Feature and Giveaway! If you’re a Mom you’ve probably received that one of a kind, original artwork–better known as the “Macaroni Necklace”. I’ve received a few–some plain, some painted, some mixed with plastic beads. It was […]

Artistry by McKenzie G Feature and Giveaway!

**CLOSED*** Artistry by McKenzie G. Feature and Giveaway! One of my favorite movies is “My Fair Lady”. I love Eliza Doolittle. I love the awkwardness and crassness that transforms into this elegant beautiful woman. I love Audrey Hepburn as that character. Also inspired by Audrey Hepburn is McKenzie Guymon from Idaho! A Cosmetologist by profession, […]

Sweetest Charms Feature and Giveaway

**CLOSED** Winner is: maxfate said… I follow on Google Friend. SWEETEST CHARMS FEATURE AND GIVEAWAY!!! At seven and six my daughters consider themselves “authentic Princesses” and have mastered the art of accessorizing. They really, really L-O-V-E bracelets. We discovered Sweetest Charms recently and the selection and detail is simply amazing. Based out of the Philippines, […]

"smArtee" Feature and Giveaway

**CLOSED** Winner 1: Helena #5 I blogged you! Winner 2: Michele P. said… blog follower Feature and Giveaway As a small child I vividly recall sitting on a chair watching my mother paint. I was fascinated at the brush, scratching along the canvas. I was mesmerized by the paint blending together to create new […]

ClutchTees is for Me

I ran across while cruising the internet. I have to say, they have some really great tee shirts.Under their funny tees there is one referencing one of my all time favorite Seinfeld epidsodes with the Soup Nazi…yeah, you know the one… has the tee shirt that says: “No Soup for You”   I can […]