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Wednesday Weigh In

Cheaters NEVER Prosper My children might be to blame for this week’s weigh in. . We’re not taking about pregnancy, though..THANK HEAVENS–though I’m still carrying baby weight from each of my children. Ahem..some are 20! In my case, it’s all the delicious food my my children request me to make for them. I gained weight this week, […]

Giveaway: EcoFriendly Freckles

Eco-Friendly Freckles  Feature with Giveaway My son is all about organic. He takes pride in eating and using natural and upcycled products to benefit not only our environment, but himself–inside and out. Someone else who takes pride in this and is creating some very original and eco-friendly items is Jessica Woody of Bixby, Oklahoma, InT […]

Mommy’s Memorandum Featured as Recipe of the Week

is featuring my “Let’s Bake Bread” Tutorial as THE RECIPE OF THE WEEK! Take a peek! Who knows, you might wanna bake some bread tonight!A heart-felt “Thank You” to Shelagh for this amazing opportunity!   We appreciate your subscription to Mommy’s Memorandum

A Snowy Day…

snowman to snow art Collage

A Snowman and Snow Art Yesterday it snowed. I’m tired of the fluffy, white misery and ready for Spring. My children, however, woke up and BEGGED to go outside and play. We bundled up and headed out. It was wet. It was the perfect snow for a…. The kiddos giggled and created a great adventure…even […]

"Catch the Drift" with Mama Snow

Mommy’s Memorandum is Currently Featured on  “Mama Snow” (aka: Tasha) is doing her Second Annual Valentine Ideas and Tutorials. There are some really great inexpensive and creative ways to express your love. I really like the heart-shaped pizza idea. If you have a moment, are looking for ideas or even have an idea to contribute, […]