Pack Your Bags and Go Rogue the World Awaits

Pack Your Bags and Go Rogue the World Awaits

I received an American Tourister Star Wars Rogue One Suit Case in exchange for this post. My love for travel, need to be more spontaneous and dreams remain my own.

Jack Kerouac may have been on to something when he wrote, “Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless and don’t be sorry.”

We live in a time packed with schedules, commitments, and endless to-do lists. We plan out our days, our months, our lives. We compromise our existence to please others.

Responsibility holds me down.

I dream of being more spontaneous.

I know adventure begins where plans end.

My best moments of life have been those when I just went without a plan. A trip that is not thought out.

It’s like moving to a new place and just taking a road to see where it goes. This is how life should unfold.

I want to courage to leave the house destination unknown and see where the road takes me.

There should be passion in packing our suitcase and going rogue.

American Tourister Go Rogue The World Awaits Adventure
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As we countdown 2016 and head into 2017, I want to be stronger. I want to be bolder. I want to have the courage to live life.

Sure, I have a job that I get up and go to every morning. I’m responsible. This job starts dark and early. I go to bed by nine, not because I want to, but because I have the responsibility to be behind a desk at 6 am.

I’m still going to be responsible. I’m still going to work five days a week.

But once a month, I’m going to step out of my comfort zone.

I’m going to see more in the world around me.

I’m going to make time to see what those before me built, like Monticello. I’m going to see the incredible talent and landmarks like Mount Rushmore. I’m going to exit the everyday trail and experience what lies beyond the road, like the Keffer Oak. I might even get a new stamp in my passport.

I’m going to stand at the fork of the Road Not Taken and take those first steps into the unknown.

I’m going to be me. Larger than life. And not afraid to be unconventional.

American Tourister Go Rogue The World Awaits Adventure

I hear Kerouac telling me:

Put down the pen someone else gave you. No one ever drafted a life worth living on borrowed ink. Get to San Francisco. Get to San Francisco in defiance of your geography, your ancestry and the lonely change rattling sad excuses in your pocket. Fuel up on pie and diner coffee and mystic visions and the freedom of not knowing what’s coming next except that you’re burning the road to outrun it.

I’m challenging us all in 2017. Pack Your Bags and Go Rogue the World Awaits

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