What is Orthotics and How Might It Benefit You?

What is orthotics and how might it benefit you?

If you are having problems with an ankle sprain, or a stress fracture of your foot, you may want to seek out the services of a Los Angeles podiatrist. If you visit a professional, they can help you to get back to full health again as soon as possible. You may hear the term orthotics used during your treatment.

You may be wondering what orthotics are. We are going to explain this to you. We are also going to look at various conditions which orthotics can help with, and how they can help.

What is orthotics?

Put simply; orthotics is a specialist branch of medicine which concerns the use of supports to help with certain medical conditions. You will probably have seen supports such as knee braces used to help people who have suffered a sports injury. There are several aspects of injuries and conditions that these supports are designed to assist with; these include:

  • Helping to correct a deformity that is present.
  • Helping to keep a joint in place.
  • Assisting with the reduction of pain.
  • Helping a person to be more mobile.
  • Protecting against further injury.

These supports need to be fitted by experts as everyone requires different types and levels of support. Let’s look at some of the areas where orthotics can be useful.

When might you benefit from orthotic products?

There are several injuries and conditions where using orthotic products can be beneficial.

Flat feet

This is often one of the most common conditions that can be helped with the use of foot orthotics. If you have flat feet, you will often suffer from pain in the foot itself. You may also find that the condition causes you to experience pain in your legs and ankles. Making use of foot orthotic devices can help correct the problem and relieve the pain.

Back pain and poor posture

These two issues often exist together; if you have poor posture you can experience back pain and if your back is sore it can hurt your posture. You may be surprised to learn that using specially designed insoles can help improve your posture and relieve pain that may be present.


Osteoarthritis is a condition which severely impairs mobility in joints and often leads to the requirement for surgery such as knee replacement. If you suffer from this condition, you may benefit from wearing a knee brace which can offer support, and help with mobility. This may mean that you can delay the need for surgery.

You may not have heard of orthotics, but you can see that it’s a crucial part of medical treatment. If you suffer from an injury or condition which affects your mobility or causes you pain, there is a chance that you may benefit from using an orthotic device. You should seek advice from a healthcare professional.


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