Met’s Picasso Mishap Worst Fear for Parents

Met’s Picasso Mishap Worst Fear for Parents
LEANNE ITALIE, Associated Press Writer

Published: 08:45 p.m., Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There are moments in a mother’s life when she experiences children who pay no respect to boundaries. My second child was THIS Child. He was a Houdini. In one vacation he stood on Elvis’ Grave, AND  he scaled over boulders in attempt to come face to face with a dinosaur!

He’s 21 now and MUCH calmer. He still marches to his own drummer, but fences, for the most part, hold him back! He was featured in a story run by the Associated Press called, “Met’s Picasso Mishap Worst Fear for Parents” on January 26, 2010.

Here is the excerpt featuring my Zac:

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“NEW YORK (AP) — A trip here. A misplaced elbow there. The stumbling art student who tore a Picasso tapped into the worst fears of clumsy grown-ups and every well-intentioned parent who dares venture into big-people museums with small children.

Signs demanding DO NOT TOUCH don’t mean much when accidents happen, especially when the culprits aren’t old enough to read but are small enough — and antsy enough — to dash through barriers.

The Moment for Julee Morrison of Taylorsville, Utah, came at Elvis Presley’s Graceland, a huge attraction in Memphis, Tenn., with more than 600,000 visitors a year. All she wanted to do was feed her then 4-year-old son’s interest in the King. The boy was regaling his family with fun facts when his little brother disappeared.

“We were in line at the gravesite when I glanced around and there on top of Elvis’ grave was my 18-month-old. He had squeezed through the rod-iron gate. I was horrified!” she said.

Morrison was too big to follow him, resorting to bear crackers as a bribe to get him in her clutches. “Eyes were burning on my neck.”



This photo released by Julee Morrison shows her then 18 month-old son Zac climbing over a rock wall at a dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Zac was mesmerized by dinosaurs and when his mom bent down to tie his older brother’s shoe, he took the opportunity to go try to touch the dinosaur. Photo: AP / Julee Morrison

On the same three-week, cross-country trip, her little escape artist climbed over faux boulders to get to a dinosaur at a museum out West. “I bent over to tie my 4-year old’s shoe. When I stood up, Zac had scaled the boulders and headed into the exhibit to touch the dinosaur,” she said.”


  1. says

    oh my goodness! I saw this on your instagram and thought it was just a funny story, I didn’t realize it had garnered so much attention lol! Thank goodness he still doesn’t do that at 21 lol!!

  2. says

    Kids are almost unpredictable & they can do crazy things for fun when you never expect something on that line to happen. Though it all ends like some fun, most times you get scared like anything in no time.

  3. says

    Wow he sure is quick! Little ones can be so difficult to control at times. I have two boys and I am sure they will do the same once they are a little older.

  4. says

    wow I don’t have kids but after helping to raise Nieces & nephews I understand this whole event. OMG good luck and glad he calmed down 🙂

    • says

      @Cierra: Kiddos are dickens for sure. I’m glad he calmed down too..though there are days where I wonder if his curiosity still isn’t his downfall!

  5. says

    My 2nd child was also a Houdini! He still is at 6 years old. There was one time when he was 3, We were doing stuff outside, I turned around to pick something up & when I turned back around, I saw him flying off the top of our Chevy astro van. He was fine – landed on his feet, but the mini heart attack I had was another story!

  6. Kim Reid says

    Wow, totally understand – kids are so fast!! Hubby and I want to go to Graceland some day, we are huge Elvis fans!

  7. Sharon says

    Sounds like my nephew! He was born too smart for his own good! He gets bored very easy! This was so funny! I’m so glad you can laugh about it now! Its a good one for the grand kids too!

  8. Jessica Snow says

    That sounds just like my sister. When she was little we’d lose her in the grocery store, clothing stores, everywhere. She loved to wander off and have a fun little time. I’m just glad that he didn’t get hurt and neither did my sister.

  9. Brutus Duffy says

    Sorry, but since I don’t have kids, i always blame the parents for their kids doing stuff like this. I just read where somne lady turned her back”for a second “and her little girl killed herself by playing with a remote to a garage door and smashing herself. I know you can’t really watch someone 24/7, but at strange places you should be more diligent.

    • Brutus Duffy says

      sorry, after i read what i wrote I didn’t mean it to sound mean, it just freaks me out because I’m always hearing about kids getting really hurt, stolen or killed in the blink of an eye. Forgive me if i have offended anyone here in any way.

  10. Kathy Davis says

    How old is Zac now? Hope he stays curious all hisl life. We will probably read about him again someday when he grows up.

  11. alena svetelska says

    very funny story,I have 2 boys myself so i can totally relate.They sure do some wild things;-)

  12. Ari says

    Wow, haha! I’ve dealt with some wild children while baby-sitting and they would be the type to pull a fast one like this! Well they would when they were wee little. Little ones are just so quick and curious and given their energy, are just like tiny road-runners with a determined place to go. Goodness, I’m glad it wasn’t me having to try to coax him out! Frustrating at the time that I’m sure it was, at least you have a great family story to remember it by! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Tammy Dalton says

    OMG!! I would have been horrified!! Kids are that quick!! They lie in wait for that one opportunity and when they get it they take full advantage!! Thank God he wasn’t hurt in any way!!And thankfully he now respects boundaries of a physical nature!!

  14. clenna says

    My youngest was always wondering away. I always dressed him in bright colors and made note of exactly what he was wearing because I knew I’d have to describe him if he disappeared again! That kid could really wear one out.

  15. says

    It is so funny the things that children do. At times not funny at the time but, looking back on them it can make you laugh. Such a funny story

  16. sandra davis says

    i loved that story. i have 3 sons that did some crazy things. so i can relate to this.


    I raised three sons and they were a handful… now they have children of their own and I tell them… now you know what I went threw

  18. Robin S says

    This is why we had a kid leash…lol! Neither of our kids had any fear of strangers when they were toddlers. We bought a monkey backpack that had a long tail for the parent to hold to prevent them from running off and adopting a new family! We mostly only used it when we were vacationing-once they had had enough of the stroller. It gave the just enough freedom to be “independent.”

  19. Carrie Phelps says

    I love this! My second grandson is just like this but a fence would never hold him back! LOL, I love his free adventure attitude but it can be scary at times.

  20. Patricia Mohl says

    I had all girls and they were pretty tame and mamas girls but my grandsons are a wild bunch BOYS lol.

  21. Rust says

    You’re famous! Great story! Hahahaa! ….brings back some of my own boy-child memories ..

  22. Melinda Dartmann says

    I had a child like this! OMg…I have been embarrassed so many times when she was young! I am so glad she is a grown up now and has children of her own, because I have told you countless times that I wished when she became a mother that her children acted just like she did! And guess what? She had a daughter and the child did the same thing she did! I loved it!

  23. Janet Benthin says

    Wow…You are a brave mother to venture out with such an inthusiastic child!…lol…But I agree Boys are rambunctious and seemingly know no fear. Keep on having adventures!

  24. Vicki Hale says

    I have snuck in places, as an adult , it’s fun! nothing like going into a movie and not paying, just if taking a tour, i kinda wonder away from the crowd lol

  25. Peggy Humbracht says

    What memories, even embarrassing ones. I believeanyone who is or has been a parent can relate.

  26. Kimberly Sheridan says

    I love how he snuck thru the bars at the Elvis grave and stood on top of it. The King probably was thrilled to have a young visitor like that ‘enjoying life’.

    Thank you for sharing

  27. Robin says

    OMG ..that is too funy…but whats with the "Morrisons too big"….comment WTF….Id sue em over that one…LOL…Great post..!