How to Make Your Marriage More of a Priority

As we get a little older and our lives get a little more serious, maintaining the most meaningful relationships within them gets a little harder and requires a little more work — on the parts of both parties, of course. The “honeymoon phase” is referred to as such for a reason. Have you ever known a couple who went on their honeymoon and simply never came back? We’d all love to (and for the record, probably every single couple at least mentions the idea no fewer than three times while on any kind of luxurious vacation or getaway), but the honeymoon always has to end, and we’ve got to return to our normal lives. When your relationship has gotten to the point of marriage, things begin to require a little more effort. Our lives get busier and more full, and we’ve got to conduct our jobs, pay our bills, and keep our relationships healthy and fed alongside our partners and their equally-full lives. Keeping a marriage fresh can seem like something of a challenge when things get so busy, but by making sure you remember to keep your relationship a priority, you can guarantee that your marriage stays healthy and happy for a long time to come.

marriage a priority

When you and your spouse make plans, it’s a great way to show your investment in your relationship, both symbolically and otherwise. On the more obvious front, making plans — regardless of their scale, whether large or small — is something that requires time spent working at it. You and your spouse will have to decide on the details of whatever it is you’re going to do, and the experience of crafting your outing together is a great way to work on something and get a little closer. Beyond that, it’s a great way to communicate your intentions — when you make plans, you’re symbolically promising that time to your spouse and preemptively stating that this activity is more important to you than anything else that might come along. This is a great way to show that your marriage is a priority.

Never underestimate the little things, either. Showing your selflessness with little tasks and chores around the house is a great way to show that you care about your spouse and are dedicated to making his or her life easier. This goes great with a book known as the 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman. This book breaks down the ways that we can show our love for one another into five very easily-digested categories. This book makes it simple to figure out how your partner best understands your love, and can help you how to properly express your love for your partner. All too often, we don’t stop loving our spouses, but on some level we can certainly fall out of touch with the ways that our partners experience our love the best. Learning and adapting to this is the best way to make sure that your marriage stays strong for many years to come.