All You Magazine: Now Available at Target!

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All You Magazine is one of my favorites. I love that it’s content is created by people like me, giving a more personal feel to the content. I know this because I read the magazine regularly and I’ve appeared in the magazine a few times, including the Summer Special Issue last month!

One of the things I have not liked about All You is that only one store, Wal-Mart, carried the magazine. That’s all changed. No more having to drive clear across town to pick up the latest issue. All You Magazine is now available at Target!

All You Magazine is Now Available at Target

I am SO excited! It’s avaiable in the register end caps making it easy to pick up a copy as you check out!

All you magazine Target end cap

If you aren’t familiar with All You Magazine, get ready to LOVE this magazine. It’s jam-packed with coupons to help stretch the budget. They are coupons I use more than the Sunday paper. In the July Issue of All You, which I bought, I paid just $2.99.

all you magazine barcode

I get great reading plus All You Magazine’s July Issue boasts Exclusive Coupons and Deals totaling $30.35!

all you magazine july issue

I snatched my copy while checking out at Target!

All You Magazine July Issue

The cover gives such a great glimpse of what I’ll find inside–126 Ways to Stretch Every Dollar, Clean Your House Faster and Cheaper, Get Out of Debt Today, Save Hundreds with Free Apps, Kick-Start your metabolism and drop pounds easily plus my favorite, 31 Delicious Family Recipes!

At hope I kicked up my feet and sat down from some great reading. In the July Issue of All You, one of my favorite articles was celebrating Women’s Health. On page 39 I was so excited when I read about Organizing Your Refrigerator to Lose Weight. I struggle with my weight so this was something I naturally gravitated to. The article talks about pre-portioning  your proteins, prepping your produce, put water front and center and picking diet-friendly condiments.  When I read that $4,355 is the average amount obese people (with a BMI of 30+) pay each year in added costs such as health care, compared with those who are overweight (BMI 25 to 29). It really made me stop and think.

The article talks about why and how each of the pointers can and should be done. There’s no Miss. Bossy pants in the tone. It is simply a response to reader, Natalie Ardouny’s question, “Any tricks I can use to eat right and lose weight?”

I turned the page and read the next article in the YOUR HEALTH section which was “A faster metabolism at any age”–know what stuck with me? Jumping rope just 10 minutes torches 114 calories. Guess whose gonna be buying herself a slick new jump rope! It’s something I can do with the kiddos and feel like a school girl again!

Of course the recipes are my favorite. I can easily add them into my healthy lifestyle quest as each on recipe includes the nutritional information per serving. This gives me a heads up whether I’m counting calories, watching my carbs, striving for more protein or fiber.

Be sure and pick up your copy of All You Magazine next time you’re at Target. I love this magazine and know you’ll find something inside that will have you loving it as much as I do!

Visit the All You Microsite to find the nearest store you can purchase All You Magazine, as well find a money saving coupon to purchase your copy of All You Magazine.

Julee Morrison