I Am Lucille Ball: Ordinary People Change the World

Growing up, I have fond memories of watching I LOVE LUCY. Sure, they were reruns from my parent’s generation, but the show, the characters were new to me and Lucy made me laugh out loud. Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) wasn’t the only one who could say, “I Love Lucy”. I think the world did.
I am lucille ball by brad meltzer
I’ve read a great deal about Lucille Ball, most recently, the book I AM LUCILLE BALL from Brad Meltzer‘s series “Ordinary People Change the World”. This book was created for children K-3rd grade, but has a story that should be an inspiration to everyone. Dial Books For Young Readers, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group, is behind Meltzer’s awesome series of children’s book released beginning in 2014. There are two books in the series remaining to be released.
Meltzer showcases Lucille Ball as the hilarious comedian she was, as well as the smart woman who never gave up. Her fame came after years of work, continuously being misunderstood and turned down. Brad Melzer is a best-selling thriller author and History Channel host.
From a childhood of struggles, she went on to own a production company that produced movies like Mission: Impossible and Star Trek.
I am Lucille Ball I believe that humor can take on anything
I Am Lucille Ball just arrived in bookstores nationwide on July 14. This volume, like the previous five in the series, features delightful illustrations from Christopher Eliopoulos.

Books in the Orginary People Changed the World series have included notable historic figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks and Helen Keller. Lucille Ball is his first figure that is a Hollywood star. His reasoning?

“When I first announced this one, people kept asking: ‘Why Lucille Ball?’ For me, the answer was clear: I wrote it because I wanted my daughter to finally have a female entertainment hero who wasn’t famous just because she was beautiful. Lucy was different from everyone else. She was funny, driven and the first woman to run a major movie studio (producing Star Trek and Mission: Impossible). Her success came from her drive — and because she so perfectly wasn’t like everyone else. She taught me, throughout my own childhood, that humor can take on anything.”

Lucille Ball is such a true example of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. One of the most powerful parts of the book is when it reads

“I Love Lucy wasn’t just the title of the show. It was my most important life lesson: In this world, the person you need to love most is you.”


This book was a great read with fun illustrations. It really showcases why everyone loves Lucy even generations later.