Kidz Can Design Transforms Children’s Artwork to Custom Made Jewelry

FTC DisclosureYour Kiddos Artwork Transfored to Custom Made Jewelry

Custom made jewelry is something I love, but when it takes my kiddos artwork and creates a keepsake mommy jewelry piece, it’s something more beautiful. KidzCanDesign creates something special from a child’s artwork.

Each of my children are artistic. It’s who they are. My oldest, Jake, has a thing for super heroes that is shared by my youngest, Li’l Man.  Back in December as we were packing to leave, Jake came over to help me sort things and take care of the children. While playing with his younger siblings, Jake sketched a quick picture for Li’l Man of both their favorite super hero, Batman, and villains.

batman and villains custom made jewelry

Custom Made Jewelry You’ll Boast About

Li’l Man wore the picture out from rubbing it, folding it and showing it to anyone who would look. Thanks to Kidz Can Design, that Batman sketch that is one of Li’l Man’s most cherished things is preserved for generations.

Kids Can Design takes any image your child has drawn and transforms it into unique handmade jewelry.

Li’l Man was so excited when he opened the mail and saw Batman. He has worn it every day since!

batman kids create

The pendant is just like the artwork Jake sketched. It truly is a personal gift of high quality engraved jewelry. It would make a great addition to anyone’s jewelry box, key chain and more!

kidz can design

Turn your child’s artwork into either a pendant or a charm and  allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

Take a moment to see how other little artists artwork became amazing mommy jewelry.

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This is a great way to keep children’s artwork. It takes up little space and is something you can wear again and again to remind your child how special they are when you wear it.

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  1. Briana Adams says

    This looks SO cool! Kiddo considers himself an artist and this will be awesome for him. ….and I LOVE that the charm will fit my new Pandora bracelet!! It is perfect “mommy jewelry”.. 😉

  2. says

    I LOVE this! My kids love to draw and it would be awesome to turn their creations into jewelry. Thanks for the review!

  3. says

    Finally! Something that I can make with my boy-child! He is 4-yo, and will FREAK when he sees this idea!
    My 7-yo daughter and I made our own DIY a few years ago.