Home Security Myths We Saw in the Movies

If the real world was like the movies and you found yourself chased by a pack of wild dogs ready to devour you a cabin would miraculously appear out of nowhere and you would find safety within its walls. On the other hand, if you were in the movies enjoying a quiet evening at home with some friends and an intruded tried to get in with the push of a button the house would become impenetrable.

Home Security Myths we Saw in movies
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Unfortunately, real life is not like the movies. We see many home security measures in movies on a regular basis that are more myth than reality.  Although some of the myths we have seen in the movies may have some basis in reality, the truth is, we are talking about movies and real life home security is nothing like that! Let’s take a look at some of the security myths from popular movies.

Panic Room

After watching the Panic Room, I would be remiss if I said I did not want a panic room of my own.  It would be a safe place to hide in the event of an intruder or other potentially dangerous situation. Unlike most of the home security myths in movies, the truth is, the design of the panic room in this movie was well researched and realistic. In truth, panic rooms in the real world come with a long list of beneficial features including oxygen scrubbers, back-up generators, refrigerators, phones, and more. As good as the movie was it could have let people know panic rooms also have the ability to be fireproof and to keep you safe from explosions and extreme weather and not just home invaders!

The Resident

The Resident was another movie where the basics of the home security equipment were realistic. A well-known security company actually worked with the filmmakers to ensure a degree of accuracy. Although this type of security system will not help in the event of a zombie apocalypse, it could certainly help to protect against theft and intruders. Systems such as these can record everything going on in or around your home. They also have the ability to contact the police automatically whenever some kind of problem is detected.

The Purge

One thing is for sure, movies are for entertainment purposes, not for getting ideas on home security systems. In The Purge, the premise that the home is impenetrable is rather unrealistic. The idea that by simply pushing a button a home can be put on total lock down, safe from any outside forces is a bit farfetched. The concept of watching everything going on outside the house via camera is a bit more realistic. Numerous products on the market today that let homeowners monitor the exterior perimeter of their home through well-placed security cameras.

The Pacifier

Watching Vin Diesel acting in the movie, The Pacifier was entertaining. The security system built into the home, although it was fun to watch, is the furthest thing from realistic. Having to do a dance on a floor to trigger a security system is not realistic and honestly, who wants to have to dance to start their home security system? It makes so much more sense to check out a reputable real life security like http://homesecurity911.com for a much more convenient home security solution!

As great as the home security measures in the movies might appear, the truth is they are not real. If you want to have a true security system installed, seek out professionals in the real world and do not depend on things you see in the movies. Despite the fact the movies like Panic Room and The Purge give us hopes for our home security, most of them do not exist in part, much less in their entirety. So, instead of believing what we see in the movies, it is important to research the options that are actually available to you from real life security providers!