Fun Outdoor Activities for Children’s Birthday Parties

Planning a fun birthday party for the kids isn’t as easy as it sounds. Children can be surprisingly difficult to entertain, and the activities that were a big hit at last year’s parties may now be considered too uncool. Kids grow up quicker than you realize, and they continuously outgrow their clothes, their shoes, and even their favorite activities. When planning a birthday party for your kids, try to come up with some new activities for them to enjoy. Old standards rarely fail, but new ideas are always lots of fun as well.


-Backyard Bowling
Start accumulating various objects that can be used as bowling pins. Plastic bottles are great to use, as well as empty cans, standing dolls, books, and any other items you can set up without fear of breaking. Line them up at one end of the yard and have the kids bowl whatever balls you have around the house for a fun backyard game. This will keep them entertained for hours and requires very little adult supervision.

-Ping Pong
Few games are more fun and kid friendly than ping pong, and you can set up this great game for the kids with very little equipment. If you already have a ping pong table, set it up on the patio for the kids to play on. Don’t fret, however, if you don’t have a dedicated game table. Any picnic table can be easily converted by using a row of books or DVD cases for a net. This game originated centuries ago with aristocrats bouncing rounded wine corks across their dinner tables with cigar boxes, so setting up your own ping pong table shouldn’t be difficult.

-Thieves’ Tag
Of course you don’t want to encourage your children to be pick-pockets, but this fun variation on tag will give them a great way to pass the time with total innocence. Buy a pack of colored handkerchiefs or bandannas, and give each kid one to hold in their back pocket. The game begins whenever you declare, when all the kids start running after each other to try to snag one another’s handkerchiefs without having their own snatched in turn. The player with the most handkerchiefs at the end of the game is the winner.

-Jump and Climb
Kids have nearly limitless energy, so give them a healthy outlet for it. Shop around with local party suppliers for things like a climbing frametrampolines for sale, bouncing castles, or anything else that you could set up for your kid’s party. Things like this make for a party that all the guests will remember, and they’re sure to be a huge hit with the kids.

It’s a timeless classic–everyone loves to hit a pinata. Fill yours with party favors, delectable treats, or anything else you can think of. If you’re throwing a themed party, pick up a pinata that matches your theme. Or if you’re extra crafty, you might even consider making your own. Whatever you choose, the pinata is sure to be a big hit at any kid’s birthday party.