Etched Upon My Heart Book #Review

Raising children isn’t always an easy path. As they enter the various stages that lead to adulthood, sometimes their questions can be dreaded as they open our vault of mistakes made and decisions that haven’t necessarily been our wisest moments. We witness our children sometimes following our path and want to step in and intervene, chop down the thickets so they can progress easier than we.

Etched Upon My Heart Book #Review

Jill Kelly penned Etched…Upon My Heart, a book that someday, her daughters will read. Kelly shares her life wide open from significance, suffering, love and wisdom. It’s raw emotions as she peels back the layers of adulthood and motherhood to reveal decisions made as a teenager. There is an intense pain as she recounts her husband’s infidelity. It’s heart-wrenching to read about the trial of having a child diagnosed terminally ill and then reliving the brutality of emotion when that child dies. It were life unfolded and weaved with practical lessons.

This isn’t a book about someone living a privileged life. It’s about someone who has been at the Potter’s Hands, shaped and molded by life and its lessons. It’s about experiences of significance from someone who has struggled with it and the resurrection on the other side. I love that Kelly centers her life now on God and admits, like so many of us have, praying selfishly and then learning that it never was about the one kneeling, but the One who is her Savior. It’s about knowing this and even in her darkest hour, her deepest suffering, burying a child that she celebrates God being faithful.

As she writes, “God will break our hearts, but He will hold the pieces. He will cradle us and redeem every tear we cry.” Although great personal pain-her young son Hunter’s death, her husband’s infidelity-informs these pages, Kelly’s story is ultimately one of forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope. Through the moments in time that Jill Kelly recounts, readers will recognize the daily reality and eternal value of God’s plan for their lives.

This book offered comfort as my eyes were opened to the many blessings my life has given in the bounty of painful circumstances.  It’s a book filled with lessons that sometimes we allow our burden to camouflage. It gives hope that we will rise above the moment of pain, darkness and hurt to stand on our own…a little taller, a lot stronger and engulfed in peace.

I loved this book and encourage anyone to pick up a copy and read it cover to cover, embracing the bounty of lessons that apply to us all. It hits bookshelves January 22, 2013.

Written to encourage parents who want to instill faith in their children, Kelly shares episodes of her life—some happy, some sad—imparting lessons she hopes will help others pass on the gift of God’s love. Jill writes, “There are precious memories waiting to be unearthed in the moments already etched upon your life. I hope that in sharing some of mine, you’ll be willing and brave enough to open up and share yours.”

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About the Author. Jilly Kelly is the wife of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. At four months old, their son, Hunter, was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy, a devastating fatal disease. Jim and Jill founded the Hunter’s Hope Foundation to help other children suffering from this disease. They live in New York with their two daughters. Jill is also the author of a title=”Without a Word” .

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    I am so sorry to say that I am not familiar with the writings of jill kelley, but would love to read this book that appears be written with the hand of someone I would love to know! I would share this book with my sister and best friend.

  2. cassandra mccann says

    i am a survivor of domestic violence so i would love to read this and then regift to someone else i know suffers

  3. Tami Valentine says

    I’d win it for my mom. She loves to read all kinds of books. I thank her for making me love reading! My daughter enjoys reading too.

  4. Audra S. says

    I think that there are always lessons to be learned from others life’s experiences. I would like to read this book and hope to gain some insight that could help me raise my children as I am a young mother!!!

  5. Leigh Ann McCain says

    Cannot wait to read this book! Here lately I been thinking that I need to get closer to God to help me thru some of life’s difficult situations. When I heard your interview on the radio…I felt it was a sign, that yes indeed that I need to be closer to God. Thank you.

  6. JoAnn Betts says

    Thankyou so much for sharing. I want to read your book and pass it to my daughter who is a single mom of three. Do you do speaking engagements? Again you are inspiring to all women , God be with you and your family!!!

  7. says

    Jills books are a Blessing as well as ‘Hot Chocolate with God’ by the Kelly Girls! I am always humbled by what I learn and incorporate it into my life. Jill, you write from the heart and it is a gift from God! May he continue to encourage you to reveal from your heart and share the wisdom he has granted you with the rest of the world!

  8. Chelsea says

    I would share it with my husband. Every night when I read he makes me read it out loud to him. Hes like a little kid, he even sometimes falls asleep lol.

  9. says

    Jill, Thank you for another book. I can’t wait to read it and know I will be encouraged again. I have communicated with you before and met you in person, it has been a privilege!

  10. says

    Jill, your words of widsom are always uplifting and inspirational.I would like to get your book and to share with my sister Andrea. We went through a tragedy at a young age when our father commited suicide at the age of 32. This followed us through our lives. We both accepted Jesus Christ at a early age and He is our saving grace. PTL!

  11. Catherine McKeever says

    I would love to read this book, it sounds very inspirational and I would love to share it with my sisters.

  12. Emily Gray says

    If this book is anything like her last I am sure it will be one that once you start you will not be able to stop till you finish it

  13. says

    Congratulations, Jill! Another book. Another emotional journey shared with the world. Another opportunity to display the love and faithfulness of God. I wish you every success!

  14. lois krull says

    I read Jill’s first book and was so inspired by her testimony. I know this book will help many people. I intend to share it with the women in my community.

  15. Danielle says

    I would read the book and then pass to family members! We are passing around without a word right now! Love her books! 🙂

  16. Anne Myerscough says

    As I have had the honour of knowing Jill Kelly through my journal as a Krabbe mom, I am excited to read as her journey unfolds. I too have lost my son Chancey, and I know there are many women out there that will find comfort, to understand the pain and how Jill finds her way through. THis book that will be passed on to other readers, who will appreciate how personal pain and events happen, even when we are not looking.

  17. says

    Just a quick note to say – thank you so much for the review! I’m humbled and grateful – and just shared your link on my facebook page;)
    You write with eloquence and clarity – love your writing and look forward to reading more.
    God is good!
    I often wonder why He allows certain paths to cross – certainly someday we’ll know and understand.
    May the Lord bless and keep you!
    with hope,
    jill kelly

    • says

      How blessed I am to have read your writing and felt the courage you have found. Thank you for your kind words, but mostly, thank your for sharing yourself in such a vulnerable way that makes me proud!