I Dream of Kitchens

Perhaps it’s my mid-west roots, but should you come for a visit, we’ll be gathering in the kitchen. I love entertaining there. It’s so close to the coffee pot, the refrigerator and the lighting is good. It’s a great gathering space.

Our kitchen is dated. Take a spin back in time to the 1970s.

our kitchen
our kitchen

We’ve added paint to take the 1970s cabinets into a more modern realm. The sponge painting seemed just as dated as the dark brown cabinets.

Still, I dream of a kitchen that is more me. I recently discovered houzz.com and wow! I am finding so many ways to express myself.

I really love the elegance of this kitchen:


I love the table that becomes part of a work area. I love the oven and the naked wood ceilings. The white is clean and refreshing.

I also love this kitchen..primarily for it’s storage:

Kitchen with plenty of storage

Houzz.com offers 50,612 kitchen photo designs. It’s like heaven.

There’s pet solutions like this:

Kitchen with pet solutions

By the way, I love the ceiling and the colors.

There are so many ideas. Whether you take an entire picture and make it the dream, or you’re more like me, picking this from one picture and taking that from another to create a space of entertaining, family gatherings and tranquility.

Visit Houzz.com and discover your dream kitchen. If you discover a kitchen that is amazing here, feel free to pin it to my “I Dream of Kitchens” Pinterest board. I can’t wait to discover my new kitchen!


  1. Paige says

    The optional kitchens you’ve posted here are all too wonderful to choose just one!! Great post!! 🙂