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  1. Samantha D says

    I have great summer memories of eating Britt’s Donuts on the Boardwalk at Carolina Beach, NC. The owners lived across the street and they said I could start working there when I turned 14, but I moved away before then. I still try to go get a Britt’s donut at least once a year, they are an institution. Simple, plain, original glazed donuts and cold milk is their menu.

  2. xtin says

    My best summer memories would be me of my Mamc, Omma and siblings together back when we were little kids in Marikina. My Mamc travels a lot so having her for summer is a great deal for us. Omma slaves herself away in the kitchen making siopao and pizza (i help her kneed the dough.. that’s all i can do.. hehehehe) and then we gather around the TV while planning out our summer outing somewhere in Laguna and Batangas. My siblings (all four of them) just busy hugging our petite Mamc, I comfort myself just holding her hand while chatting with my omma on some latest movie or book review (after the pizza and siopao are done). This pretty picture was more fun for me than the actual summer outing itself. Its just sad that we could not re-create this anymore. We have all grown up and have families and jobs to think of. Omma is now in California and my Mamc is in some peaceful place fully rested and looking down on us. 🙂

  3. Mariah Powell says

    Every summer my tiny little hometown of less than a thousand people holds the town’s 3-day Jamboree in the park. My grandma is the girl scout leader in town and her troops run a lemonade stand there where we sell lemonade (of course), iced tea, nachos, hot dogs, pickles, pizza, and other things. Almost every year it manages to rain for at least a few minutes while we’re there and being in Texas, it is always sooo hot! I always claim to hate it but really I love being there all weekend and seeing all of my friends and old classmates, listening to live bands, seeing all of the kids having fun at the carnival, checking out all of the sale booths, and watching people dancing and just enjoying each others’ company.

  4. Lisa Trentham says

    Going on vacation to FL for the first time in a LONG time and getting extremely sunburnt~ not good memory, but I definitely put on TONS of sunscreen after that.

  5. Claudia Smigel says

    Sitting all night on the fishing Pier watching the sun go down and coming up beautiful sight

  6. paige jagan says

    One of my favorite summer memories is going swimming in my grandparents pool from sunrise till midnight ever single day..i swear i thought i was a fish!

  7. says

    My summer memories are mostly sitting indoors and reading books because it was too hot to go outside to play. I lived in California where it would routinely be 85 degrees or above all summer long. 😀

  8. Kirstie Ensley says

    My best summer memory is when I took my nephew to sea world. He wanted to seat in the soak zone during the shamu show. But then he had to buy him a shamu towel. When shamu went around soaking everybody, my nephew covered up with his towel and didn’t get wet. He still rubs in it.

  9. says

    One of my best summer memories was visiting my grandmother out of state. She would get up every morning and make all us kids a huge breakfast while telling us stories about our parents when they were young….including the bad things. ha ha. I miss her so much.
    Patti Hurlburt

  10. nicole johnson says

    the best summer i had was two years ago when my daughter was 5mths old and i got to spend it with her for the first time,took her for walks and to the park all the time

  11. Amanda H says

    My best summer memory was as a kid going to the garden with my great grandfather. He was the BEST man I will ever know im my lifetime. They dont make em like him anymore.

  12. says

    I remember all of the summers-and springs, falls and even winters-when me and my dad would get up early and go fishing. We enjoyed going and just sitting there with our fishing poles. Most of the time, we came home empty-handed, but that didn’t seem to matter, because we would just go again-I miss my dad <3

  13. Karen S says

    My Best summer memory was when my family and I went to the lake and went camping. It was a new experience for the kids and they loved it!!

  14. Kathy Stuit says

    One summer we bought a pop up camper.Both my husband and I were not working so we camped all summer long at many different campground in Michigan. Our son was 3 at the time and we had a blast. The best memories ever.

  15. Zachary Kl. says

    My best summer memories were before high school, when life hadn’t gotten complicated yet. Staying at my grandmother’s house for the summer and life generally being without stress for that short-lived period.

  16. Kimberly M. says

    One of my best summer memories is when I was about 10 years old and my family and my dad’s whole family went to Wildwood, NJ together. I got to play with all my cousins. We had such a wonderful time together.

  17. Samantha C says

    Going to the beach, Shermat’s arcade and fishing on the boat on LBI. Now it’s taking my kids to the beach during the summer and helping them create great summer memories. Looking forward to June and the start of our summer.

  18. Heather Holston says

    My favorite summer memories are any with my children. I love to watch their faces as they have new experiences and see new places.

  19. Alicia Sneed says

    I think my most favorite memory is actually after I had kids. My parents continued the tradition of going camping and fishing for a week each summer. The summer my 2 oldest kids were 4 was the first summer they were old enough to be able to do everything. To be able to experience it as they were and compare it to when I was their age was awesome!

  20. Ambrielle says

    I remember last summer being nine and a half months pregnant, as big as a house and spending the hottest hours of the day under an umbrella sitting in the pool. Everyday until I went into labor starting at about seven months just to keep cool!

  21. Jennifer Hiles says

    Best summer memory, goodness there are so many.It would have to be when I was a teenager going camping with my friends and being goofballs – first times being away from our parents, “borrowing” a couple logs of wood from the neighboring campsite because we didn’t know we had to bring our own!

  22. Heather E says

    I love every summer since I have had kids. Do fun yo be outside and watch them play.

  23. Laurie H says

    One of my best summer memories was going to the beach club with my whole family (6 kids in total) it was rare for us to all be together so the memory of playing with my siblings in the pool and having a bbq remains with me.

  24. Courtney Welch says

    Going to my Memaw and grandaddys house and playing in the creek that ran through their back yard!! We would play for hours!!

  25. says

    One summer I was 10 or 11 my parents took us camping for a month. My Dad went to work from our camp everyday, it was so wonderful

  26. holli delaporte says

    My best summer memories are from my childhood. My mom and dad used to take me, my sister and brother on the boat every weekend. We would fish and catch blue crabs. Then we would go to an island and meet my grandparents. My grandma would make spagetti sauce on the coleman stove. She would put crabs in the sauce. It was the best. My dad and grandma both passed away in the last 4 years. I wish they were still here so I could share those fun trips with my kids.

  27. Erin K. says

    My best summer memories are my family’s baseball trips. It’s something we all love!

  28. Amanda F says

    Every summer our entire family would go up to my grandparents cottage. At dusk, we would start a bonfire and all of the neighbors would come to join. Telling stories, and roasting marshmallows on the campfire just one night would make my entire summer!

  29. brandy floyd says

    One if my greatest memories would be of when me and my big bro drove way out into the country so we could get fresh water from a spring it was pretty cool!

  30. Tamila says

    Used to love it when my daddy would take us to the lake in the summer – when everyone else was going to bed we’d load up the boat for a little night fishing! I’d be scared to death cruising down the lake in the boat wondering how dad could see and know where he was going and not get us lost! I’d eventually get sleepy and crawl up with my sleeping bag in the floor of the boat while he and mom would sometimes fish til dawn. Good times…great memories!