Cozy Classics Creates Baby Board Books from Literature’s Great Works

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Cozy Classics are the most adorable versions of classic books. They take the novel from a great author and skillfully create an amazing baby board book.

Twin brothers Homan and Jack Wang are brilliant with their interpretation of retelling the world’s most beloved literary works in just 12 simple, baby-friendly words. Those simple words seem far more than singular next to the photographs of life-like, expressive and stunning needle-felted figures and objects.

Cozy Classics War and Peace Boom!

Suddenly mom and dad’s passion for literature is baby-sized, revitalizing the genre. Sure, A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s are important but we all know the indulgence and pleasure of a great book. We all have a favorite on our shelf, written by one of literature’s greats. They are the stories we read over and over.

The books’ illustrations are truly great art. Already they have been exhibited in Italy and a set to be on display in Japan this fall.

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Last winter, Cozy Classics released Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice. They were recognized with high praises from The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine and Paris Review. They were touted as a fresh and modern take on adapting perennial favorites to appeal to children without sterilizing the celebrated source material.

In April, brothers Wang, did it again with Cozy Classics interpretation of Leo Tolstoy’s War & Peace and Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.

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Cozy Classics takes a child’s love of characters and leads children to the classics

The Wang brothers know what parents know–children fall in love with characters. Mine has loved Dora, Blues Clues and Disney Princesses. Cozy Classics takes that love and leads children to the classics, characters they won’t outgrow like Jean Valjean from Les Miserables and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice.

Inspire children early to have a lifelong love of literature and the characters that make us smile, weep and love.

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Cozy Classics photographs are beautiful photographs of stunningly-crafted needle felted figures and objects. I love them and my kiddos do as well.

 Cozy Classics Focus on Iconic Scenes

The board books focus on iconic scenes and ingenious pairings of words and images to offer recognition in the adapted classics.

These board books open conversation beyond the colors of a rainbow and teach emotions Moby Dick’s Ahab is “mad”! and social strata Les Miserables Jean Valjean is “poor”. Single words that teach a rich vocabulary of words and themes, not found in other baby board books.

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Get any of the Cozy Classics titles through all major online retailers, at your favorite bookstore, gift shop and museums everywhere.

I am so in love with these books. They are such great and beautiful works of art that babies are sure to love! Celebrate the great works of literature with Cozy Classics!

julee morrison writes about cozy classics