Budget Friendly Travel Destinations

You might envy the Joneses next door whenever they share their photos from their latest exotic vacation, but there’s good news: Even if you can’t afford a vacation to France, there are plenty of beautiful and unique budget vacation destinations for you to take advantage of. It all depends on your interests and what you […]

Guilt-Free Getaway Ideas for Moms

Some people hear the words “mom” and “getaway”, and immediately envision the family packing and driving off to the nearest vacation spot. Picturing a mother taking time off on her own is hard. It almost seems unnatural. A mother is that one person expected to take care of just about everything at home. From checking […]

Family Friendly African Safari Tours

Family Friendly African Safari Tours

As a child we always loved going to the zoo and seeing all the big wild animals of Africa, seeing a giraffe or a playful chimpanzee was full of excitement. Our dreams of when we were big would be to one day go and see these amazing creatures. The wallowing hippo and the fierce-looking lion […]

Kings Dominion’s Soak City Starting Summer with a Splash

water park

We’re starting summer with a splash at Kings Dominion’s Soak City. Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve raised my kiddos on the belief that summer fun runs Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. There’s also my thinking that every great summer must include water, which is why this weekend, we’ll be floating on the gentle current […]

Beautiful Vacation Spots in the East Coast

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Our world, our planet, is unabashedly beautiful and diverse. It is unquestionably worth enjoying and exploring as it offers us tremendous locations for sightseeing, resting, and vacationing, for good and healthy breaks from our daily lives. Some of us travel far while others find that special location within a few hundred miles. Either way, arguably […]