Taking Care of the Caregiver: YOU

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Women are brought up to nurture. As we transition from young woman to adult, wife to mother, mother to grandmother women often fail to make their own well-being a priority. In juggling the family schedule and taking on the role of care-giver, which eventually includes our parents or grandparents, our own regular check-ups and preventive screenings seldom make it to the calendar. We want the best for those we love and often times it means we don’t eat healthy, fail to pay attention to our own mental health needs such as managing stress and getting enough sleep.

My role once, not along ago, was caring for my grandmother. She is now 87 and in relatively good health. Her mind sometimes vacates her and its far easier for her to remember what happened half a century ago than what happened two minutes ago. There were doctor appointments and daily calls to check in.

When her daughter was dying of cancer in 2010 the need for me to be Grandma’s care-giver increased. I remember as the stress took its toll on me sobbing because I needed someone to take care of me. I recently found comfort in an article published by the Huffington Post, Women Are Caregivers, But Who Cares for Them? It reflected my feelings so accurately.

“Caregiving is a labor of love, but carving time out of your busy schedule, between getting the kids to sports practice, succeeding in your own career, and putting dinner on the table can be a daunting task.”

And while I had asked the question, “Who cares for Me?” many times, one thing I failed to realize is the importance of Long-Term Care Insurance. I have many people counting on me. While I am caring for them, I need to also be thinking about my family beyond what they need now.  I need to be mindful of taking care of them in the event something happens to me. This is why women should choose LTC insurance to help their family get through their caregiver being unable to do the basic activities of daily living.

This week is Women’s Health Week. Take a moment to care for yourself. Add looking into LTC Insurance and discover the benefits that will give your family peace of mind.

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