The Art of Cake Pops Creativity and Delicious Rewards Await

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Food on a stick is a novelty add cake and you have cake pops. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, there is something about it that makes for the ultimate fun indulgence. Cake Pops are the hottest dessert out there. You can order cake pops online or make them at home using a cake pop pan. Noel Muniz, author of The Art of Cake Pops, prefers to make the dessert pops from scratch.

the art of cake pops noel muniz


The Art of Cake Pops

Cake Pop making requires nothing more than a baked cake and frosting. Charlotte the Great and I once tried it. I’m inspired once again by Noel Muniz’s mini-treats. She reminds me how easy they are to make and her ideas are simple, yet ignite the imagination.

Muniz explains the process in detail, from mixing custom colored chocolate to ensuring the cake batter has perfect consistency. There are tips for using cookie cutters as a mold and more.

What I love about The Art of Cake Pops is the multiple designs based around fun adult and kiddo-friendly themes such as under the sea, dinosaur, around the world featuring dessert pops adorned as pinatas, Eskimos, Russian dolls and hula dancers.

hula cake pops


Hula Cake Pops

Any little girl will coo and adore the sugar fairy and these frog prince pops
frog prince cake pops


Frog Prince Cake Pops

The Art of Cake Pops not only features whimsical creations, but also a variety of delicious cake flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, lemon and banana.

This is a fun book and my children are enjoying looking through it. They feel the pops are too cute to eat, but they’d give it a try!

Get creative, get out your sugar and indulge in the art of cake pops! Creativity and delicious rewards await in the beauty and taste of these cake pops!

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