AJ’s Collection’s Bling Beats Chocolate #Review

Know what I love more than a box of chocolates? Bling! Know what my favorite bling is? Something personal. Something that I can touch, look at and am flooded my moments of amazing heart melt. Know what does this best? My kiddos!

So imagine getting a present that looks something like this:

AJs Jewelry

It’s all bedazzled in hearts and fun, but do you see that charm hanging from the bow above the “Key to My Heart” tag? That is the most precious necklace from AJ’s Collection. It’s a hand-stamped personalized sterling silver keepsake necklace. You heard me, personalized. Meaning it’s easily customized to fit your specific needs–four kiddos, four discs, two kiddos-two discs; each hand-stamped with that special name of the person you adore and makes your heart pitty-patter!

My older kiddos know they hold the key to my heart, my youngest three, sometimes need a gentle reminder.

AJ Collection hand-stamped jewelry

Last Thursday I wore the necklace on my ABC4.com appearance. It was a morning segment and in between our live segment I received so many wonderful compliments about my necklace. It generated conversation and even scored Li’l Man and The Divine Miss M and shout out on television while they were in the studio!

I love the discs! They are beautiful alone with the brush strokes and hand-stamped letters. I love the sound they make as they gently glide when I move quickly. I love that they are dainty and sophisticated and that in that moment when my heart misses my li’l munchkins I can reach up and connect with them.

It’s not just the style I received, there are many choices that all offer something special to the recipient. Visit AJ’s Collection and see for yourself what love looks like hand-stamped.

To guarantee Valentine Delivery, please order before February 5th.

One Mommy’s Memorandum reader will win an AJ’s Collection necklace (like the one above) with their own personalization. This prize is not guaranteed for Valentine’s Day delivery.

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*I recieved an AJ’s Collection piece in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.


  1. Kelly Patterson says

    I recently ordered this necklace.. “Happiness All Around” I ordered it with four names. When I received it, it looked like they had only put on three names… Imagine my sadness and horror when I saw that the fourth name was actually there… on the largest washer. Problem? It was on the “top” of the washer, the other name on the “bottom of the washer. You guessed right, no way you can see the name on the top. All my emails to request a refund or a fix have only lead to them telling me “I ordered it incorrectly”.. What?? It clearly says names will have a dot between them. I expected two names on the largest washer, side by side… separated by the dot THEY described… Save your hard earned money… I just threw away $78.00 on this one!!!

  2. Jennifer Stiles says

    I wanted to buy a good deal thru Groupon. I will have to specially order the necklace as there are more than 3 children. I have tried, and am tired of, trying to find their phone number. It is not listed anywhere! I question the valitity of this business.

  3. shirley pebbles says

    I like the Circle of Love with Multiple Birthstones

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  4. Ashley Morrissey says

    I absolutely love the Mini Mini!

    -Ashley Morrissey

  5. Beverly says

    My oldest granddaughter and her husband of 2 months were killed in a motorcycle accident by an illegal mexican. Her husband died there on the road within 10 minutes after the accident, she died 4 hours later at the hospital. We buried them together in the same coffin. Needless to say, her mother,(one of my 5 daughters),doesn’t have too many good days. I would love to give the “A Date To Remember” necklace to her. But I would like to have their 2 birthstone crystals on it too. My 2nd choice for her would be the “With You Always” necklace with their birthdates. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Amanda Berrios says

    So not fair..so many beautiful things…But I found 3 favorites…Domed and Hammered One name Charm Necklace, Sparkly Tag and Twinkle Twinkle.

  7. Kimberly says

    I’d love the Date to Remember Charm Necklace made for our wedding. It’s simple and cute.