Advil® PM Lets Me Rest So I can Take on Tomorrow

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by the maker of Advil® PM and I received a free sample of Advil® PM caplets. All opinions expressed are my own.

As the mom to many, I’ve seen a lot. Twenty-Six years later, my oldest is on his own and I’m trying to hold on to my 9-year old as long as I can. At the end of the day, I lay in bed, flooded by memories of years behind me. Most of the time they are good memories. The kind you want to go back and relive over and over.

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Some of the 9,490 nights I’ve gone to bed since becoming a mom were uneventful. Others, left me laying there staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning and trying to turn off my mind.

I didn’t want to admit defeat….so I laid there restless. I awoke in the morning exhausted, groggy and cranky. I couldn’t turn my mind off…it just ran wild.

Sometimes, those nights, were because I was way too active trying to cram too many things into our schedule. My back hurt, my legs were tired, my shoulders ached. I was running kiddos from one end of town to the other, picking up dinner, doing yard work, housework, running a Cub Scout Pack, and trying to get the cape for Super Mom!

I couldn’t win for losing. If my mind wasn’t running marathons, my body was telling me sleep was not happening. I’d take warm baths, use compresses. All this did for me is crank up the mind and didn’t seem to relieve my aches and pains from the day.

While running errands with Grandma a few years back, I was asking her how she tuned it all out while easing her pain. She said, “You’re like me. If we don’t have something to worry about, we make something up that hasn’t happened yet and ran through all those scenarios.” The next time she came over for coffee, she gave me a box and said, “When you’ve done too much rearranging of furniture, chasing the kids, yard work and you need to get some rest, try this.” It was Advil®PM.

Advil® PM contains the unsurpassed pain relief of Advil® plus a non-habit forming sleep aid.  It soothes the aches and allows my mind to relax so that I can drift off to sleep.

Advil PM keeps aches and pains out of your night and helps you get the healing rest you need. That’s because it’s specially designed for nighttime pain, combining the unsurpassed pain relief of Advil® plus a non-habit forming sleep aid to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Visit Advil® for a FREE SAMPLE and find out what a healing night’s sleep can do for you. While you’re there, Advil PM has also created an online library with resources on how to get the healing night’s sleep you need

I’m still trying to live life a little too fast and when I have those days when my body and mind are feeling a little rough, I know I can sleep in comfort and not have to forfeit family or my obligations. Advil®PM lets me rest so I can take on tomorrow!


  1. says

    You definitely have me beat, but I just figured out I’ve been a mom for 6,771 days . . . . the oldest going off to college in a month and that has caused some restless nights! Yay Advil PM

  2. says

    Great post! It’s wonderful to hear that Advil PM has helped so many people. I know it has helped me with both my pain and in getting a much needed good night’s sleep. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. lisa says

    I think AdvilPM works rather well! It seems with our busy lives we just don’t get the sleep we need and let’s not forget the pain we suffer from daily too! AdvilPM seems to work well for both pain and sleep for me! Great post