5 Activities to Help New Moms Recharge

There’s no doubt about it. Being a new mom is most definitely one of the most exciting times in any woman’s life. However, being that a newborn child who requires a lot of love, time and attention around the clock, for many mothers, it can be one of the most exhausting seasons as well. And, when the mom is worn out, it can be hard for the baby to get all that s/he needs.

exhausted mom

That’s why, if you are a new mom, we wanted to provide a few tips on how you can recharge yourself. That way, you can feel refreshed and your baby can get the absolute best that you have to offer.

Take a warm bath. Although you might not have the time or money to have a spa day, you can create a similar feeling at home with a warm bath. However, don’t just fill the tub up with water. Add some Epsom salt for aching muscles and joints and a couple of drops of lavender oil to soothe your senses. As an added bonus, thanks to websites like Kitchen Crafts and More, Natural Mother’s Network and Slowly Natural, you can also make your own bubble bath from items you already have at home. Just go to the sites and put “homemade bubble bath recipe” in the search field to see a variety to choose from.

Make a smoothie. Especially if you’re breastfeeding, you already know that it’s essential that you get plenty of nutrients because whatever you eat, your baby will be digesting as well. But, if you would like something that will provide you with a boost of energy while your baby is sleeping, why not make a smoothie? Smoothies made with bananas, berries, honey and yogurt are always a great pick-me-up.

Push the stroller. A lot of mothers like to stay pretty close to home during the first few months of their baby’s life; however, sitting inside all day can definitely cause a bit of cabin fever. Whether it’s in your neighborhood or at a nearby park, pick a time of the day when there probably won’t be a lot of people out (like very early in the morning or around 1-2pm) and take your baby for a stroll. You can even take your iPod along with you to listen to some of your favorite tunes while you’re walking.

Pace yourself. Contrary to popular belief, no one (including women) can effectively do more than two things at once. So, if you’ve been putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to get as much done each day as you did before your baby was born, do yourself a favor and let yourself off the hook a bit. As you’re adjusting to your “new normal”, make the decision that so long as you get 2-3 things on your list done each day, you are doing great. (Because you are.)

Schedule a day to focus just on you. If your baby is getting close to the six month mark and you can’t remember the last time you had a day of pampering, it’s high time that you got it. Whether it’s by your spouse watching the baby on the weekends or having a girlfriend help you out, make sure to schedule a time to get a mani/pedi or that you go to spa in Newton Massachusetts or wherever it is that you live. Two hours at a spa or a salon can feel like a two-week vacation to a new mom with a little baby. And you know what? You’re worth it.