3 Books to Carry You from Summer to School!

 I received these books free for review. Opinions are my own

Where's Waldo

My kiddos love Waldo and have been enjoying Where’s Waldo: The Totally Essential Travel Collection by Martin Handford (Candlewick Press). They love the adventures of Waldo and I love that it takes them back to 1987, when Waldo first hit the road to stardom! He’s the most searched for fellow.

where's waldo Totally essential travel guide


This book is a collection of all seven of the classic books beginning with the original Where’s Waldo and following his adventures through to Where’s Waldo: The Incredible Paper Chase. The kiddos love searching for the gangling guy with the glasses and red and white sweater.

Inside the book are several fold-out pages listing objects and people to find, plus an attached elastic band to mark one’s spot in the book. It’s the perfect accompaniment for road trips, travel or just the lazy dog days of summer or any day!

Look Up Bird Watching in Your Own Backyard

This year the kiddos have taken an interest in birds. They love to watch the feeders and when we are our and about they want to know all about a bird they see.  Look Up!: Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard by Annette LeBlanc Cate (Candlewick Press) has helped feed their curiosity.

It reminds kiddos to observe. That there is an adventure right in their yard. The book reads like both a traditional chapter book and a comic book. It offers tips to find out about the birds in your area.

My children thought this book was entertaining and they’ve carried it over into their own bird journals. I love returning from the park and looking through their journal to see what they saw. They illustrate the bird characteristics, sounds they made and even where they were seen (tree, ground, etc.). It’s a great book that really hit a home run with the kiddos!


How many times have you heard yourselve say to the kiddos, “Go Out and Play!” Now you can give them the book Go Out and Play!: Favorite outdoor Games from KaBoom! by KaBoom (Candlewick Press) and let them discover new ways to get out there and have fun!  KaBoom!, a non-profit “dedicated to saving play for America’s children,”  and this book tackles getting the fun started with games, how to play, the number of players, ages, play space and equipment needed for each activity.

There are 71 games introduced in this book from the classics we played as kids like Ghost in the Graveyard, Capture the Flag, Red Rover and Wall Ball to new ones like Lose the Bacon, Snail and one a few my kiddos love playing at school like, Don’t Get Caught with the Cookie.

Decide what you’re in the mood for and find a game in the book. It’s organized by categories to make it easy: Tag Games, Team Games, Sidewalk Games). A great book for the kiddos, as party games or to meet new friends.